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  1. Todd, thank you for the post on sarcasm. I heard the meaning of that word about 5 years ago while working through marriage conflicts and it impacted me the same way. It is a message that needs to be communicated to the world. After 5 years now I recognize sarcasm quickly and I feel the pain it causes those who are on the receiving end of it’s cut.

    Thank you for sharing Todd. Good word my friend!

  2. This was great on Christmas movies and TV dad’s. I just need to correct Scott on one very important matter.
    Cinderella man was not better than Rocky! Come on, Rocky was the all-time best fighting movie ever!!
    Just want to keep truth from error here!!
    God bless your ministry and Merry Christmas.
    Cheryl and the fam.

  3. Have you ever played any eye over. just thought of it while you were going over things to do this weekend. My son is into fishing right now so that is what we do. I have to get my license and we will probably start fishing this weekend.
    thank you for the ideas and the encouragement as always

      1. This is Dallas’ response –
        It is any eye over. You have two groups of people that stand on each side of a house or other building. One group throws the ball over the building yelling any eye over. someone on the other side catches the ball then both groups run to the opposite side of the building the person with the ball throws it at runners trying to get to the other side and anyone who gets hit is out. once the groups are to the other side of the building they are safe and the game starts again. I thought it was a game my parents made up to get us out of their hair for a while until a few years ago I ran into a guy at work who invited me to come to his house on memorial day to play any eye over. I told him about my experience with the game and he said they have been playing since he was a kid and he is a bit older than I am.

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