Familyman Weekly

Do you ever wish a guy would come to your house every once in a while, slug you in the arm, and tell you to straighten up, be a good dad, and be loving to your wife? Well, now your wildest dreams have come true, because I’ll come to your home or office each week and do just that. Now, don’t be expecting a theological treatise on husbanding, because the Familyman Weekly isn’t that. Think of it more as one dad encouraging another over the backyard fence.

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Back Issues

Marbles Matter

I’m not a math guy. I don’t do well with fractions, quadratic equations, or pi. I’m OK with counting, but that about does it. But, here I am writing to you about math and fathering. Definitely, a Familyman first…

You Can Learn a Lot From A Dummy!

Marriage is like that. One week everything is fine; the next week you are on the downward hill of the roller coaster of life screaming your lungs out.

A Big Glob of Poop

I just got back from cleaning up a big glob of kid poop off the bathroom floor. (Didn’t your speech teacher tell you to start with an attention grabber?)

My Son Hacked Off a Limb

Minutes later, something outside the window caught my eye. It was Ben, with saw in hand, walking across the side yard with determination in his face.

A Rock’em Sock’em Pillow Fight

The other night we had a no-holds-barred, rock’em-sock’em-pillow fight. It had been a while since our last battle and the kids had been begging for a re-match for weeks. They had worn me down. I had no excuses left. They had won.

A Dad in Shining Armor

It’s eleven o’clock in the morning. The kids are still in their pajamas, the house is a disaster, and my two-year-old has consumed an entire box of Ritz crackers. I wouldn’t be in this predicament if my wife hadn’t decided to get sick this morning.