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Full time, Part time, or Once in Awhile

Hey Traveler,

I just got back from RVing to the Arlington Homeschool convention in Texas. Everything ran great except my toilet broke off. But hey in the world of RVing that’s just par for the course. Actually the RV toilet has been my mortal enemy since I bought the RV, and I’ve had it off more often than I care to admit. It’s fixed now and if this doesn’t hold then I’m going to have a serious fix on my hands…but this RVer doesn’t give up.

While I was in Arlington I met a couple of full time RVing families and another full timer who was a single mom! Two of the families belonged to a RVing homeschool group called….. They praised the group and talked about meet ups where the entire group comes together couple times a year.

Really the RV crowd can be divided into three groups: full timers, of which I am not a member, who sold their home and live in an RV, part timers, that’s my group, who RV a chunk of the year but still have a home attached to the ground somewhere, and once in ‘awhilers’ who might hit the road a half dozen times a year.

The thing about RVing is: one size does not fit all. While I admire the full timers I want a place for my children to call home and to always know there’s always a place to come back to.

Of course full-timers say they have that…but it’s mobile. They’re right. What they want for their families is no less than what I want…just different.

I’ve got some once in awhiler friends who LOVE their RV. They use it a couple times a year to camp on the beach, a state park, and then take a longer road trip to see some new part of the country. They still enjoy all the benefits of RVing without having to make a major career change to do it fulltime or even part time.

Together, we’re known as RVers. We all enjoy the benefits of life on the road but have tailored it to fit our individual family needs. So as you consider the RVing adventure, take a look at all three groups and see if one of them fits your needs best right now. And just because you don’t do it full time or even part time that doesn’t mean you’re still not embarking on a great adventure. Who knows you might even start in one group and move to another as time passes and circumstances change.

Until next time, swing wide and keep your eye on your tail,

PS – Now that I think of it there are even once in a life timers who rent or buy an RV to take a special trip. Check out

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