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Top 10 signs you’re ready for Spring

1. You’re so sick of the cold you won’t even go near the refrigeratorTopTenLogo

2. Word association game:

Cold – Hot

Elephant – Beach

Al-Qaeda – Sunshine

Bacteria – Tan

Stapler – Warmth

3. You wear a Speedo and sunglasses to shovel the snow from the driveway

4. You send a hate letter to Punxsutawney Phil for seeing his shadow

5. You Google-Earth Hawaii a couple times a day

6. You burst into tears when you see your first robin…only to find out it’s a lawn ornament.

7. You use suntan lotion instead of aftershave

8. Your three year old asks you what color grass is and you panic because you can’t remember.

9. You feel almost giddy because the weather man says it’s going to be a balmy 34 degrees that day.

10. You put the top down on your convertible even though it’s snowing

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