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Sing with me – I’m just a Bill…

school house rockHey Dad,

Since I’m being nostalgic, I thought I’d continue that line of thought today. Not that I was planning to do so. Yesterday, I came up from my office and the little kids were watching a DVD (when did we stop saying video) from the library. I didn’t have to look to see what they were watching. The music told told me.

“…Lucky number Niiinneeee.”

It was School House Rock. I love those shows. In fact, when I hear those tunes, lyrics, and nasally lead voice…I’m transported through time to a cozy 70’s style family room on a Saturday morning.

Saturday morning cartoons are playing interspersed with an entertaining lesson on adjectives, electricity, and numbers…of course presented by School House Rock.

My favorite episode was the show on The number Eight. It was sung by girl/lady with a shrill voice. “Figure eight as double four, Figure four as half of eight. If you skate, you would be great If you could make a figure eight. That’s a circle that turns ’round upon itself. “ The tempo amps up and then it goes on to show you how multiply eight works.

The thing about that song is that it makes me think about ‘home.’ The first seen is at little girl walking to a school house in the snow. It feels snugly, and I can imagine a fire burning in our wood stove as I watch it.

It’s funny what a good memory does and where it takes you. I hope my kids have lots of them…and I hope they always see me in their good memories. Then when I’m gone…I’ll still have an influence in their lives.

I know sometimes as a dad we can get mighty busy. So busy that we take ourselves right out of all our children’s memories.

Don’t let it happen dad. In fact, tonight would be a great night to have some slow-down and snugly time around a fun family video or book.

You ‘da Dad,


PS – What is your favorie episode?

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  1. Todd, we got these for our boys a few years back, and we all love them! My favorite has always been Conjunction Junction. Enjoy!!

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