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Definition of a Dad – By Fellow Familymen

I recently asked for a good definition of a dad. Here’s what you said:

~ A dad is a watchman with an ever-vigilant eye.

~ A dad is a steady rock in the storm with the warmth of a hug waiting inside.

~ A mom and dad are the ones who can just smile at the dirt on the nose (with boys) and the changing of the clothes (with girls) a minimum of 3 times a day.

~ A dad is a rock that that melts with a tear.

~ A dad is a boy with 20+ years of experience at getting dirty.

~ D.A.D. — Delivering A Destiny

~ A dad is a hug after the bad game.

~ One son when asked what is a dad answered “A dad is that annoying little neighbor boy who will never leave you alone.”

~ Mom is a Queen that cooks and cleans, Dad is a King with a silly gene.

~ A dad is the mat at the door for the kids to wipe their feet on.

~ A Dad is a funnybone, with rules and wrestling, and a Mom is a heart, with hands and hugs.

~ A mom and a dad are the clean up team.

~ A dad is a workbench with a soft lap and a warm heart.

~ A dad is a hug covered in whiskers.

~ A dad is the picture of my Heavenly Father.

~ A dad is a Daddy forever.

~ A dad is a gentle friend wrapped up in a protective tiger.

~ A dad is a grin with sawdust on one arm and a burp cloth on the other.

~ A dad is a snicker with poop all over his hands.

~ A dad is a full-out belly-laugh, tickled by the best entertainment that God ever provided… a family.

~ A dad is an overgrown boy who still makes the same noises but has learned to use soap.

If you’d like to add to the list…fill out the comments space below!

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  1. I was given a shirt by my children.They purchaced it from Wal-Mart.The shirt had a saying on it Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a DAD. I wore that shirt until it fell off of my back .

  2. A dad is the guy who can always make you laugh, is a little too over protectiveprotective at times, and will always have good advise. He is the guy you should trust most. He is your role modle. He is the nice parent.

    DadDad means different things to different people.

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