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Dad2Dad – Real Answers Given by Real Dads

Hey Dad,
One of the greatest things about being a dad is knowing that we’re all in the same boat (sometimes it feels like it’s sinking). It’s comforting to know that what you’re facing others have faced, are facing, or will face. To help you on your fathering quest we’ve assembled this index of issues others have faced. My hope is that you will add to the discussion and find some real answers given by real dads.

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  1. The Story of “Papa” hit home today, recently my 11 year old son started to ask me something.. stoped and said never mind. I asked what were you going to say, he stated that “it doesn’t matter you’ll say no” I asked him to tell me anyway. he wanted to ask me to play cards with him but he figured I would not want to or was too busy. I droped what I was doing and we played rummy for a couple of hours and had a ball. one more memory for me and maybe one that will stick with him. Some of my fondest memeories of my parents are the times we just sat around and played cards and chatted.

  2. Hi Todd,

    Can anyone suggest a nice, quiet getaway for a husband and wife in the Southeast, not too far from Jacksonville, FL?


  3. ReTracy:
    Hi Tracy, found myself in the same position. Great job in stopping and regrouping. I also need the reminder myself, I just wish that reminder did not have to come from my children.

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