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The Great RV Makeover – The Race is ON!!

Auggggg!!!! We only have three weeks before I have to have the Familyman Mobile road worthy. That doesn’t seem like much time when I just got the seats bolted in yesterday. It sure doesn’t help that it’s been so cold and snowy.

I finally got that little drawer and grate under the bunk beds finished…and they turned out OK. It’s amazing how much time such a “nothing” job can take.

So far I’m very pleased…but I wouldn’t mind another month or so and some spring weather. I still need to change all the fluids, work on a few mechanical issues, make sure all the systems work (the heat works so that’s good), get the monster started and maybe checked out by someone who knows something about diesel pushers.

Not to mention that we need to clean it out and stock it for 3 months on the road. So let me finish the way I started.

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  1. You’ve done an amazing job with the FMIII. I’m sure you’ll get it all done with God’s help.

    You ‘da dad!!!

  2. Todd, sweeeeeet ride. That space between the windshield and the grill is “achin for some paintin.” Remember how the old amulances would paint ambulance backward so that when they were behind you and you looked in the mirror you’d see AMBULANCE — well — a backward “you da dad” would be really cool or maybe not if your wife objects…. go to plan b – “world’s greatest wife on board”

    at least flames from the wheel wells…

    Steady as she goes.

  3. wow, looks great, my best friend had an 80’s gmc motor home and had to do mechanical as well as interior…you did great from what i see compared to what you got…

  4. I just wanted to say that what you’ve done looks GREAT!!! You can overhaul my RV anytime (assuming I had one) 🙂

  5. Looking great… you are ready to go with that Atlas in the back of the driver’s seat… Onward… full throtle…

  6. Hey Bro! the rig looks great! That’s a vessel that your family should be comfortable in. Be careful, though…you know what happened to Gilligan and his 3-HOUR tour. Hey I prayed for you today – the calendar is awesome. (Best gift this Christmas!)

  7. Nice work bro,yep’er nice work!! Thanks for being a inspiration and encourager!We love you guys and pray Gods rich blessings on your family!

  8. Wow! What a difference. I think my husband would say he owes you a debt of gratitude. It was you who ultimately convinced me that an RV would be a great family adventure. I just keep saying, “It’s the journey…” every time we gas the thing up…

  9. It took my first two years of seminary to learn that lesson: tend to the important and don’t worry too much about the urgent, everything will happen when it needs to. We are the only dads our kids have, and that trumps everything else! We look forward to seeing you and the family, and the mostly finished RV, at Homeschool Week in June!

  10. Todd , After reading your notes on how long it’s taking you to get things done on your RV , I don’t feel quite so bad anymore because I’m really-really slow too!! But as my dad always told us “ If your going to do something – DO IT RIGHT OR DON’T DO IT AT ALL “ Keep up the good work and God Bless You Real Good !!!!!!!!!

  11. Todd,
    The road wagon looks awesome, like how the seats came out. Impressive. You will be able to get this all finished in time, I have faith in you and the good lord always provides. Maybe you can make a game out of it with your children. Create a list of things you need them to find throughout the house for the wagon and then send them to find them. Stockpile them in the garage until you have it cleaned out and then have them help you pack it up…Thanks always for your inspiration.

    Chandler, Arizona

  12. That’s looking sharp. 3 weeks is a long time to get stuff done and you’ll do fine. After those three weeks, let the Mrs. drive it and you can nap! 😉

  13. Hey Todd,

    I’m new to the Familyman group but have seen some of the pics and read many of the articles you’ve sent. Very cool ride and pray that God continues to bless you and your family far more than you can imagine, provide protection beyond your sight, and reveal an RV full of love and memories beyond what has been experienced before.

    Blessings bud….from one dad to another who have the best Dad of all!

  14. So… when do we get the “official” tour of the beast? I want pictures of all the nooks and crannies! 🙂 My husband’s wanting to do this and I need more visuals! Tee hee… (we are expecting #8 any day now… was due the 5th).

  15. I hope you’ve seen the movie and you may have heard this before, but when I look at your RV all I can think of is Robin Williams in “RV” :). Have a safe and wonderful adventure this year.

    God Bless

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