Jan 05 2012

You’re having a bad day…

You’re having a bad day…

~ Forwarded by Jack Lewis


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  1. Lewiston

    Thanks, I did need that! I’ve been having a hard time this week..Loved the shot of the toilet! So much for putting the lid down and hoping for the best!

  2. Dan

    That is why they call it a chopper!!

  3. Rob Alfred

    All of these made me think how blessed I really am. Things aren’t so bad around my house after all. And I thought having several inches of water in my basement right now was bad. NOT!!

  4. Sean

    I guess my “toilet” problems were not as bad as this one… Pulling the toilet to remove a toy isn’t as bad…

  5. A different Jim

    Funny but the baby elephant was the one I felt sorry for. Do I just assume the people did something stupid to deserve it and the elephant is innocent? Not sure what this says about me.

  6. Jim

    I felt bad for the baby elephant and hope he made it…

  7. Ben

    The alligator biting the elephant looks a bit painful, but I love the safe removals!

  8. Alex

    Strangely this did not make me feel better. Not at all.

  9. Rob & the gang

    I do indeed feel much better. thanks

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