Feb 21 2013

The Familyman’s Pick for Best TV Dads

happy daysHey Dad,

Now both you and I know that TV dads aren’t real dads…but you gotta admit Michael Landon is a wonderful TV dad. The Wilson family has been watching all those Little House on the Prairie reruns on these cold winter nights here in Northern, IN.

Got me to thinking of other TV dads from my past and so I decided to make a list of the Top TV dads. Of course my memory isn’t what it used to be…or never was, so I’ll need your help. Here are the guidelines: the dad can’t just be a great actor, but a good father figure (not perfect).

Here we go.

The Familyman’s Pick for Best TV Dads:

Charles Ingals  – Michael Landon (Little House on the Prairie)

Mr. Cunningham – Tom Bosley (Happy Days)

Mike Brady – Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch)

Andy Taylor – Andy Griffith (The Andy Griffith Show)

Ward Cleaver – Hugh Beaumont (Leave it to Beaver)

James Anderson – Robert Young (Father Knows Best)

James Evans – John Amos (Good Times)

Tim Taylor – Tim Alan (Home Improvements)

Cliff Huxtable – Bill Cosby (The Cosby Show)

Steve Douglas – Fred McMurray (My Three Sons)

Steven Keaton – Michael Gross (Family Ties)

Got some to add?


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  1. Marc

    Would have been terribly disappointed if Charles Ingals had not been 1st on the list. Very good list indeed.

  2. Chris H.

    How about Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty? There’s a modern TV show that has some good, wholesome family values.

  3. Kristin

    Bob Saget -Full House (character’s name?)

  4. Kevin New

    I dare you to find 3-5 TV dad’s in recent times, say the last 5 years. They are portrayed as bumbling idiots or nonexistent.

  5. Barry Rowland

    Right on the money Todd!

  6. Gerry Collett

    The dad on Gidget

  7. Chearyl

    For those who liked the old westerns, ROY ROGERS, just got finished reading a book by Roy Rogers, Jr., it was very good.

  8. Jim Bender

    A couple maybe more of us can identify with:
    Herman Munster-Fred Gwynne in The Munsters
    Gomez Addams-John Astin in The Addams Family

  9. Jim Cessna

    My dad was on TV once… then he got down after he got the spider off the ceiling

    1. Familyman

      Just shows you how old you are…nowadays, you can’t get on a flat screen TV.

  10. Alan

    What about the Big DV…you know…”I am your Father” :)

  11. Dan

    2 in one show

    Frank Barone-Frank Broyle (RIP) Everybody loves Raymond

    Ray Barone-Ray Romano Everybody loves Raymond

  12. Matt

    Agree with John Walton – Ralph Waite

    Also, more recently, Eric Camden – Stephen Collins from 7th Heaven

  13. Ken Pierpont

    http://kenpierpont.com/2013/02/how-to-change/. Ingles is number one but you have to list Ralph Waite.

    1. Familyman

      Ooo….I can’t believe I let that one slip by. Glad you added it.

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