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The Homeschool Minute

Have you ever wanted to ask Todd, the Familyman, a question about homeschooling? Or, better yet, get his thoughts & opinions regarding all kinds of homeschool issues? Sign up here for TOS’s The Homeschool Minute, an email for homeschool moms that Todd writes for weekly. You’ll be refreshed, encouraged, and reminded of what’s most important each week as Todd shares his candid, down-to-earth thoughts on all things homeschooling!

Todd, the Familyman is a regular contributor to Homeschool Mosaics. Click here to read his most recent articles in his Lies Homeschool Moms Believe column.

Home Educating Family Blog
Todd, the Familyman is a frequent guest blogger on Home Educating Family’s blog. Click here to read his most recent articles.

Veritas Press
Check out Todd’s recent feature article entitled “Just Keep Swimming” in the Veritas Press’ newsletter.