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Mar 31 2015

The Last Time – Dadtube

Hey Dad, A fellow familyman sent me this video along with a note. May it do to you what it did to Chris and me. Hi Todd, Just put my 3rd (and 23 year old baby) on a plane today to join her new husband (military) in Germany, leaving home and another huge hole in …

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Jan 21 2015

Dads and Dove Soap Video

I’m glad to be part of the dad-team and so should you. And maybe I should buy dove soap because of their ads?

Dec 09 2014

That’s so D! – Christmas Dancing

Now this is what I’m talking about when I say, “That’s so D!” These dads still got it!!!

Aug 06 2014

The Power of an Absent Dad – Video

Hey Dad, Check out this video by a guy who didn’t have a dad. His words may give praises to his mother, but they cast shame on dads who have let so many children down. Dads are important and things must change if we are ever to SEE change. You ‘da dad!!! Todd

Aug 01 2014

Buckle Up Dad! – video

Hey Dad, You may not have grown up wearing your seat-belt, and you may not like anyone telling you what to do, but this video makes it clear WHY you should buckle up EVERY time you get behind the wheel of a car. Your family needs you…so do it for them.

Jul 30 2014

#howtodad – video

This is an awesome video!!!! Makes me proud to be on the team! And you should be proud too. Sure it’s hard and most often times thankless…but it matters. Your family is counting on you. They love you and are quick to forgive you when you mess up. BUT they need you to stay in …

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Jul 01 2014

Dad Tube – Hero Dad

This dad makes me glad to be a dad!!!!

Jun 24 2014

A Dancing Dad – Dad Tube

What happens when a dad loves without being embarrassed.

Jun 02 2014

That’s so D! – Dad and Daughter Lip Sync

You’re probably as tired of this song as I am…but you’ve got to admit, this is so D!

Apr 17 2014

American Giants

Hey Dad, You’ve seen them standing along the highway, but you probably didn’t know they were called Muffler Men. Here’s a guy who is obsessed with them and who has me thinking that this would be a great Dad-Bucket list kind of thing. I’m thinking…you stop the car, get everyone out, and take a photo. …

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