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May 03 2016

Being a Mom Aint Easy

These Skit Guys are amazing in capturing the importance of Mothers. Got a Mom in your house (that would be your wife)? Make sure your kids make a big deal.

Mar 10 2016

Romantically Challenged – The Skit Guys

These Skit Guys are amazing. they have captured ‘manness’ on video and hit the nail on the head.

Feb 03 2016

Classic Red Green – video

Hey Dad, If you’ve never watched the Red Green show, you’ve missed a great source of dad-wisdom. This guy knowns men and how to fix just about anything with duct-tape and good old common sense. Check out these hilarious handyman episodes. I’m just going to guess that you’ll find yourself saying, That’s so D!!!!!

Jan 27 2016

All Pro Dad – with my Brother Dru (video)

On this week’s Familyman Show I interviewed my brother, Dru. He started and runs an All Pro-Dad program in Mount Pleasant, MI at his children’s school. If you’ve ever wanted to know how you might encourage other dads…this might be the ticket. All Pro Dads Promo from MAC TV Network on Vimeo.  

Jan 20 2016

Love Words (The Skit Guys) – Video

Hey Dad, Ever look at getting flowers or a card for your wife as a chore or duty to be completed? The Skit Guys have done an amazing job in painting the picture. What I want you to see is that your wife needs more than a signed $4 card. She wants to know what …

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Jan 13 2016

What’s it like being a dad – Video

Hey Dad, Fellow Familyman Jeff Roepke sent this to me knowing I’d think it was so D. You know he’s right. There’s just something ‘huge’ about being a dad. What’s more, it’s comforting to know there are dads all over the world, and through the ages, who experience the same things all dads do. We’re …

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Mar 31 2015

The Last Time – Dadtube

Hey Dad, A fellow familyman sent me this video along with a note. May it do to you what it did to Chris and me. Hi Todd, Just put my 3rd (and 23 year old baby) on a plane today to join her new husband (military) in Germany, leaving home and another huge hole in …

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Jan 21 2015

Dads and Dove Soap Video

I’m glad to be part of the dad-team and so should you. And maybe I should buy dove soap because of their ads?

Dec 09 2014

That’s so D! – Christmas Dancing

Now this is what I’m talking about when I say, “That’s so D!” These dads still got it!!!

Aug 06 2014

The Power of an Absent Dad – Video

Hey Dad, Check out this video by a guy who didn’t have a dad. His words may give praises to his mother, but they cast shame on dads who have let so many children down. Dads are important and things must change if we are ever to SEE change. You ‘da dad!!! Todd

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