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The BIG Picture Of Fathering

The BIG Picture of Fathering

Hey Dad, As I write this it’s the week after Thanksgiving. I feel full. Not because I ate too much turkey and mashed potatoes, but because of a feeling deep in my soul. It feels warm, satisfied, blessed, and…full. I…

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Home Alone Trivia

Home Alone Trivia

Hey Dad, Just watched Home Alone with my family. While I was shocked by the number of curse words in the movie (I did my best to mute them) and one lingering camera shot on a "girly" magazine (I tried…

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Putt-Putt For The Fun Of It!!!

Putt-Putt for the Fun of it!!!

Dad, There's just something familyish about playing a round of miniature golf. You have serious players and comical players...but it's best played TOGETHER. I'd love to hear about some of your favorite spots, but take a look at some historic, fun…

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Biggest Is Bestest

Biggest is Bestest

Hey Dad, I just a got a little carried away in compiling this list of big stuff. I started with a list on Wikipedia...but expanded it from there. Got a big thing that I didn't mention? Put it in the…

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Picking The Right RV – Part 2

Picking the Right RV – Part 2

Hey Aspiring RVers, Today, we’ll discuss different RV options and types. RVs are like pizzas, there’s a kind and variety for everyone. Fourteen years ago when we started shopping the RV market, we quickly discovered that for us, the ‘pizzas’…

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So You Wanna Get An RV?

So You Wanna Get an RV?

Hey Dad...or Mom, Wherever we go people ask me about RVing. After all, my family and I have been doing it for about 14 years and spend 3-4 months on the road each year with as many as EIGHT kids…

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