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May 03 2016

Being a Mom Aint Easy

These Skit Guys are amazing in capturing the importance of Mothers. Got a Mom in your house (that would be your wife)? Make sure your kids make a big deal.

Apr 04 2016

Road Trip – Jimmy Stewart Museum

Hey Dad, Just got back from Indiana, PA – home of Jimmy Stewart. While I was there I enjoyed a brief tour of the Jimmy Stewart Museum. Although small, it severed as a reminder that even the iconic figures of our time have their roots in ‘everyday America’ and find their greatest pleasures in FAMILY. …

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Mar 30 2016

Cartooning Class for Homeschoolers

New!!!!!New!!!!!New!!!!!New!!!!!New!!!!!New!!!!!New!!!!!New!!!!!New!!!!!New!!!!! Several years ago I drew some of the very first homeschooling cartoons and inserted them into my first book,Help! I’m Married to a Homeschooling Mom. It didn’t take long before people said to me, “I love the cartoons…you should do more.” So I published the first of four volumes called The Official Book of Homeschooling …

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Mar 24 2016

Rubber Rings Solve the Problem

Hey Dad, I was speaking at a big conference this past weekend and ran into a fellow dad. We were talking about dad-stuff when I noticed his rubber wedding ring. We talked about it and he mentioned that he got it on-line at He handed it to me and knew it solved the problem …

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Mar 15 2016

Easter Resource

Hey Dad, My little sister Wendy, just emailed and recommend this book Sammy and His Shepherd to read together as a family. I’m going to get it…you might think about doing the same… This is an awesome book for kids 12 and under for parents to read around Easter.  It is on Psalm 23 and explains …

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Mar 10 2016

Romantically Challenged – The Skit Guys

These Skit Guys are amazing. they have captured ‘manness’ on video and hit the nail on the head.

Mar 03 2016

A Vasectomy Story

Tim and Stephanie Blackiston have six young children. Believing they couldn’t handle any more children, Tim took measures to make sure they wouldn’t. As Stephanie described, “While he was out having the procedure …I could feel our oneness severed.” Listen to this week’s show as Tim and Stephanie share their story of brokenness, healing, and …

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Mar 02 2016

Transcript of What Matters Most

For all you homeschoolers who worry so much about school transcripts, I’m posting my sample transcript of what really matters. To tell the truth, if we spend 13 years homeschooilng our kids and all we have taught them is a bunch of ‘book learning’, I will feel like we failed. That’s why I wrote this …

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Feb 29 2016

Road Trip – RV Museum and Hall of Fame

Hey RVing Dad, A few weeks ago my wife and I along with some of our children made the short trip to Elkhart, IN to tour the much talked about RV Hall of Fame Museum and Library. While we didn’t tour the library we spend a couple of hours wandering the Museum and were blown …

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Feb 24 2016

PORN – Don’t be that Man (interview with Noble Overcomer)

On today’s’ show we talk to Noble Overcomer about his struggle with pornography from an early age and how he decided to not let it beat him. He’s also written a book called “Don’t be That Man. If you find yourself in a place that you don’t like being you’d be wise to listen. PS …

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