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Feb 10 2015

A Father’s Prayer

I was running errands yesterday when I stumbled upon a story on the radio. I think the thrust of the show was about experimental drugs and how when you’re dying you really don’t care how safe they are. The story took a turn when they interviewed a mom who’s ten year old son had cancer. …

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Feb 05 2015

Familyman Hometown Favorite Restaurants

Hey Dad, Familyman Caleb Morris shared a favorite hometown restaurant in the Dallas/Fort Worth area—a 50’s-style diner called the Dairy-ette. Of course mine is California Dessert in Milford, IN and Culver’s (great frozen custard and kid’s meals)…and who can forget La Haciendas (great chips and atmosphere). Let’s make a list of YOUR favorite family hangout eateries. …

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Feb 04 2015

The Countdown Begins…

Hey Dad, We’re just ten days from V-Day. That means you’ve got a  little over a week to think of, and execute, a Valentines Gift for your wife. Let me begin by pointing you in the right direction. A few years ago I asked a bunch of wives what they would like for Valentin’es Day. …

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Feb 03 2015

What’s It Like Being a Dad? – Dadtube

Hey Dad, Before I was a dad I don’t think anyone could have convinced me how good it would be. I’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t always easy…in fact, most of the time it’s pretty hard. The makers of this short video captures the heart and nuances of being a  dad. Anyway, …

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Jan 28 2015

Move Over Legolas!!!!

Wow. This guy is amazing…and makes all those things in the Lord of the Rings look possible. Wow!!!  

Jan 21 2015

Dads and Dove Soap Video

I’m glad to be part of the dad-team and so should you. And maybe I should buy dove soap because of their ads?

Jan 15 2015

Vasectomy – one dad’s story

  This week’s show is about a dad who had a vasectomy and then eight years later, had a reversal. It’s a powerful story, filled with emotion and challenge. If you’re thinking about doing it…or un-doing it, you should listen. Know a dad who might be thinking of the BIG V? Pass it along.   …

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Jan 14 2015

The Reason I Quit

Hey Mom (notice I didn’t say Dad this time), I’m been wanting to ask all the ex-homeschoolling moms a question and thought this would be the best and easiest place to collect those answers. Here are my questions: 1. Why did you quit homeschooling your children? Be specific. 2. How has it been since then? …

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Jan 12 2015

A Letter to Bill Nye the Science Guy

Dear Mr. Science Guy, I’ve always been a big fan. When your show hit the air waves, I thought your method of teaching simple, science concepts was incredibly effective. In fact, I modeled a Bible teaching aid to kids after your model. I mourned when I heard the news you died and was pleasantly surprised …

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Jan 09 2015

The Last of the Firsts

Hey Dad, It’s kind of a bitter-sweet day. Jed (6) lost his very first tooth. he’s been working on it for a couple of weeks and this morning my brave wife yanked it. As I congratulated my proud son it hit me that we were experiencing our last-first. He was our last child to loose …

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