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Feb 02 2016

Reconciliation with a Hardened Wife – By Reb Bradley

How are you doing, husband? Is your wife considering separation, or worse, are you already separated? How are you handling it? Are you angry? Were you shocked? Do you feel like you have just awakened from a long sleep, and now find yourself becoming an intensely spiritual man? Would you like to win your wife …

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Jan 27 2016

All Pro Dad – with my Brother Dru (video)

On this week’s Familyman Show I interviewed my brother, Dru. He started and runs an All Pro-Dad program in Mount Pleasant, MI at his children’s school. If you’ve ever wanted to know how you might encourage other dads…this might be the ticket. All Pro Dads Promo from MAC TV Network on Vimeo.  

Jan 20 2016

Love Words (The Skit Guys) – Video

Hey Dad, Ever look at getting flowers or a card for your wife as a chore or duty to be completed? The Skit Guys have done an amazing job in painting the picture. What I want you to see is that your wife needs more than a signed $4 card. She wants to know what …

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Jan 13 2016

How Sweet It Is

A father’s prayer – Lord, let me never forget how wonderful it is to be a father. How you have entrusted these little ones to me to train to love you and the people around them. Let me never forget how precious and fleeting this time is. Forgive me when I miss what matters because …

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Jan 13 2016

What’s it like being a dad – Video

Hey Dad, Fellow Familyman Jeff Roepke sent this to me knowing I’d think it was so D. You know he’s right. There’s just something ‘huge’ about being a dad. What’s more, it’s comforting to know there are dads all over the world, and through the ages, who experience the same things all dads do. We’re …

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Jan 05 2016

cartoon contest

Cartoon Contest – fun for everyone!!!

New!!!!! Several years ago I drew some of the very first homeschooling cartoons and inserted them into my first book, Help! I’m Married to a Homeschooling Mom. It didn’t take long before people said to me, “I love the cartoons…you should do more.” So I published the first of four volumes called The Official Book of …

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Dec 18 2015


Are You Married to Your Cell Phone

You’re driving down a city street and find yourself stuck behind someone going 15 mph below the speed limit.  What’s your first thought? That guy needs to get off his cell phone! You’re sitting in the stands at a high school football game.  You notice that many of the students are not only ignoring the game …

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Nov 25 2015

Top 10 Things Dads Hate to Hear from Their Older Kids About Care Care ~ by Jim Cessna

In light of my recent car troubles…   10. “Dad, do you leave the same air in the tires throughout their life or do you have to put fresh air in them every now and then?” 9. “The check engine light has only been on for six months Dad.” 8. “The guy at the auto …

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Nov 16 2015

50 Years Ago Today

Hey Dad, This is pretty cool: 50 years ago today Walt Disney held a press conference in Florida to announce the plans to build a new theme park that would eventually be named Walt Disney World (his brother Roy named it that in honor of his little brother). Sadly, Walt died about a year after …

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Nov 04 2015

IKEA hits the Nail on the Head – video

Hey Dad, I guess it doesn’t matter if you live in Spain, Sweden, or the USA…kids need their parents. This simple video says it all. I’m betting that your children would write the same kind of things. We should listen and learn because we’re running out of time. You ‘da parent,

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