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Dressing Down Thankfulness by Brendan Bruce

As turkey day approaches and we’re reminded to count our blessings and be thankful for anything and everything, it’s important to remember why we’re thankful. First of all, I’m biased a bit in that I believe we should be thankful towards someone (i.e. God… you know, he invented turkey and all the trimmings in the first place) instead of just roaming around in a tryptophan-induced haze of general thankfulness towards all.

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My Memory Tree

Hey Dad,
It’s been a red-letter week here at the Wilson home. Not only did we celebrate my birthday, but we also celebrated the first snowfall of the year. As is tradition, we ate dinner at Long John Silvers (don’t ask me how that one started), and we gave each of our children a new pair of gloves, or a new hat, or something ‘snowy.’

As hard as it is to make time for celebrations, the important thing about them is that they create memories, and those memories bring strength, love and comfort years later.

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Kids Do the Darndest Things (photos)

"Think happy thoughts...think happy thoughts!!!!" ""Uh, Mom...don't you think this is going a little far to save a few bucks on electricity?" "I could use a diaper change here!" "Tastes like chicken." "I've been framed I tell you...I'm innocent." You…

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Camped Out – by Brendan Bruce

My five year old son wants to go camping with me. I have a choice: I could run screaming to the garage and bury myself in an “important” project like scrubbing the Rorschach-like oil stains from the floor, or I could take this chance to bond with my little guy and let him have a blast.

I’ve never liked camping. My idea of roughing it is buying generic toilet paper, and I’ve even been known to go so far as to purchase day old croissants. I’m not saying I’m not a manly-man… I mean, I can build stuff, kill bugs and I’ve yet to meet a pickle jar I cannot pop open in less than three grunts – and oh yeah, I don’t eat quiche.

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Familyman Tattoo

My Florida, surfer-pastor-friend Chip M. is a one of a kind dad. While in Jacksonville, he showed me one of his favorite tattoos. Wow!!! I told him to send me a picture, so I could share it with you. Here it is!

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New Website!

Welcome to the new & improved Familyman Ministries website! We’re so glad you stopped in for a visit, and we hope you enjoy our simpler, more streamlined look.

We’ve made these changes so that navigating through our site is easier for you and more enjoyable. As with any change, there may be some kinks that still need to be worked out. If you notice any of these, please let us know so we can fix them. (“contact info”: )

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Great Revenge Ideas from Fellow Dads

One day I found a pair of Channelock pliers when I raked up some composted leaves in the front yard. The joint was welded absolutely solid by rust so that the handles could not be budged! I made a wall plaque for my dad by mounting them to the face of a piece of maple. Underneath was an inscription; “Now my son has sons! Happy Father’s Day!

Personally I can’t wait to leave my old shoes and pool towels in his car when I visit. Let him explain it to his boss if something squeaks or is sticky.

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The Revenge of the Dad

Hey Dad,
I just had to write while the iron is hot. It’s therapeutic for me to blab to 10,000 dads that my children are—how do I say this gently? *PIGS!!!!* Our children do chores, and they have responsibilities. We train them, we dole out consequences when they don’t do a job well, we work on specifics, and still, they’re PIGS!!!

The mess that nine people can create is overwhelming at times. We can work all day cleaning up one area, and then, whal-la, like magic, it’s trashed again within about 13 minutes.

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Caught in the WEB

Hey Dad,
Just heard about another dad who got caught in the web of INTERNET pornography (maybe that’s why they call it the world wide web). Man, I hate that! I’m not shocked or appalled…just saddened. I mean, satan knows what kind of bait to use when he goes fishing for men.

I’m sure that dad didn’t anticipate where it would lead. It began with a simple click of the mouse when no one was looking. Afterwards, he begged forgiveness from God and promised himself that it would never happen again. But it did.

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