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Raccoon Warrior

Houston, we have a problem! The furry kind. The kind that chews through the ceiling…has babies…and can take over the entire house!!! Well, I chased out the mamma, captured the babies, and sealed up the opening. Victory…or so I thought.

The next morning mamma was back and had ripped off the seal and taken up residence in my house…again. Tonight, is my last chance before we leave tomorrow morning…then I have to figure out something else.

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Prepare for Blast Off

RV Check list:

Propane – fixed. Water heater – fixed. Fridge – fixed…maybe. Generator – check. You get the idea. You know there are a lot of things that can and do go wrong on your standard Familyman Mobile. This year we recovered the torn seats and had new carpet laid down by a guy named Merle. It’s lookin’ good. Of course it won’t be complete until one of the kids spills a 2-liter of orange drink on it.

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The Tingle

Hey Dad,

In RV-ing, as in life, God often causes a little tingle to creep up the back of the neck informing you that what you’re about to attempt is NOT a good idea and should NOT be ignored – especially when you’re behind the wheel of an RV.

I experienced the tingle from God a couple of days ago as I looked at the steep incline into the Denny’s parking lot. The tingle definitely said, “I wouldn’t try that if I were you. yep, looks like a mighty steep angle… your hitch is going to drag big time.”

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