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Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe

Your house is a disaster, your kids seem out of control, and you wonder how you'll ever make it through another day of school. Your 'get up and go' has 'gotten up and went'. You used to think homeschooling was the best thing since sliced bread, but now you're feeling like burnt toast. Take heart--you're not alone!
(Now available in Canada)

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Everybody Wants to go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die

Okay, you either know him or you don’t. He’s one of the freshest faces on the Christian music scene – and if you’ve seen his face, you’ll never forget it. He sports probably the meanest goatee I have ever seen.or coveted. Not to mention that his hair and 50’s style eyeglasses make you do a double take. He is the David Crowder of David Crowder Band. I like his praise music and am fascinated with his stylish flair. When I saw he
wrote a book, I was all over it like crumbs from breakfast on a big goatee.

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Refined by Fire: A Family’s Triumph of Love and Faith

I opened the box yesterday expecting the usual supply of devotional books for the teens in my youth group. I had forgotten I ordered some other reading material for them. One of the books I ordered was this book written by the Birdwells. It is an amazing story. While just over 200 pages, I read it in less than 24 hours. It is a gripping tale of struggle, survival and triumph over adversity.

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At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry

For twenty-five years it held me in its grasp. Ever squeezing the life out of me, pornography was one of the greatest hurdles in my spiritual life to overcome. From the age of 8 years until the age of 33, I fought the demons and chose to lose often. Even after salvation at the age of 30, the temptations never left. In fact, I�m still tempted. Not a week goes by that at least once Satan doesn�t poke at me with this �fiery dart�.

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Next Generation Leader

Last year my dad died. Just recently I celebrated another birthday. My kids are growing faster than anyone else’s! Is it me or is this ride called “life” moving way too fast? One thing is for certain: the time I have to influence my family and those I work with is fleeting. The need for men to stand up and lead is greater than ever. That is why I bought this book

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Finishing Strong – Going the Distance for Your Family

I’ve started hundreds of projects, begun dozens of books and committed a number of times to be a better man. Unfortunately, I’ve failed to finish many of those projects. The books are in various stages of reading and the commitments sadly seem to fall by the wayside. That’s where I was when I saw this book by Steve Farrar. As I read it, I realized that it was just what I needed.

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Family Emotions (I mean devotions)

I heard somewhere that if you want to be a spiritual giant, you need to have family devotions. All the great men of the faith did; at least that’s what everyone says. Apparently, they got up a couple of hours before dawn, gathered the family around the table, read the Scriptures for two hours, prayed for three, and then sang great hymns of the faith, while the children listened quietly as mice.

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Spring Projects for Dads

  1. Change the dead bulbs in the Christmas lights still hanging on the house.
  2. Go to Home Depot with your wife and desperately try to look interested in the plants.
  3. Move the snow shovel off the front porch.
  4. Gas up the mower, get the blades sharpened and teach your SON how to mow!
  5. Spread 400 lbs. of fertilizer, 200 lbs of weed killer and 100 lbs of bug killer on the yard… Then read the directions and find you should have worn a level 4 hazmat suit.
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Don’t Forget That Anniversary!

  1. “Sweetheart, I wanted to get you a gift but my credit card limit was only $2,000.”
  2. “I’m sorry mam, but the mugging seems to have caused a bit of amnesia.”
  3. “You know, according to the Lunar Calendar our anniversary is tomorrow.”
  4. “I wanted to get you the world, but I didn’t know how to gift wrap it.”
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