Jul 17 2014

A Grandpa Needs Your Help!!

Hey Dad, Got this letter from the wife of fellow familyman, Claude Greulich. Read it an imagine that it was your 4 year old son. Kane Mason started out as a very normal little boy and lived his first 2 years learning to walk, talk, play ball, laugh, tease, and play with his sister and cousins for hours. …

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Jul 14 2014

It’s the Middle of JULY!!!!

Hey Dad, I don’t mean to alarm you, but it’s the middle of July…as in not the beginning of summer, but the MIDDLE…as in it won’t be long before it’s the END of summer. Now I don’t want you to get caught watching the paint dry, so if you’ve got some summer plans to accomplish, …

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Jul 01 2014

Dad Tube – Hero Dad

This dad makes me glad to be a dad!!!!

Jun 24 2014

A Dancing Dad – Dad Tube

What happens when a dad loves without being embarrassed.

Jun 16 2014

Happy Kid’s Day!!!

I have to admit there is satisfaction in having originated the holiday known as Kid’s Day, although I find it hard to believe that some well-meaning greeting card company hasn’t come up with the idea to sell cards. I mean if there is Boss’s Day, Secretary’s Day, In-law’s Day, and Postal Carriers-who-deliver-by-car Day, you’d think …

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Jun 11 2014

Happy Father’s Day, Dads of the World

Hey Dad, In just a few days we’ll celebrate the second greatest day of the year (after Christmas of course)…Father’s Day. Don’t get your hopes up, you’ll probably end up getting a Duck Dynasty coffee mug or a can of car wax. In fact, I won’t even add, “But it’s the thought that counts” because …

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Jun 02 2014

That’s so D! – Dad and Daughter Lip Sync

You’re probably as tired of this song as I am…but you’ve got to admit, this is so D!

May 27 2014

Thank You Wal-Mart!

Dear Wal-Mart, As of last Monday my family and I spent the night in out 200th UNIQUE Wal-Mart (in our RV of course). All together we’ve probably spent close to 400-500 nights in your wonderful big spaces…and for that I thank you. You have allowed my family of ten to experience America. You’ve made the …

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May 14 2014

Father Daughter Retreat – Sept. 12-13

Hey Dad, Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place you could get away with your daughter for a night of relationship building and memory making? There is. On September 12-13 I’m speaking at the 2014 Father’s of Faith Daughters of Excellence Retreat at the Historic Safety Harbor Resort & Spa in Tampa, FL. Whether …

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May 07 2014

A Father’s Day Hint!

father's day hint

Hey Dad, Every good deed needs a little direction. This year we didn’t leave Father’s Day up to chance so we decided to give your family a little help. Here’s what you do: accidentally forward this link to someone you love or print it out and conveniently leave the “hint” in a strategic place. Unless …

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