Nov 25 2015

Top 10 Things Dads Hate to Hear from Their Older Kids About Care Care ~ by Jim Cessna

In light of my recent car troubles…   10. “Dad, do you leave the same air in the tires throughout their life or do you have to put fresh air in them every now and then?” 9. “The check engine light has only been on for six months Dad.” 8. “The guy at the auto …

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Nov 16 2015

50 Years Ago Today

Hey Dad, This is pretty cool: 50 years ago today Walt Disney held a press conference in Florida to announce the plans to build a new theme park that would eventually be named Walt Disney World (his brother Roy named it that in honor of his little brother). Sadly, Walt died about a year after …

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Nov 04 2015

IKEA hits the Nail on the Head – video

Hey Dad, I guess it doesn’t matter if you live in Spain, Sweden, or the USA…kids need their parents. This simple video says it all. I’m betting that your children would write the same kind of things. We should listen and learn because we’re running out of time. You ‘da parent,

Nov 04 2015

Internet Porn and Your Children – Josh McDowell at Moody Founder’s Week

Hey Dad, Think your children won’t be exposed to Internet Porn? Guess again. I may not agree with all his conclusions or advice, but you can’t deny the threat. We dads need to be aware and in guard dog mode when it comes to Internet Porn. You ‘da dad!  

Nov 04 2015

Fighting for His Marriage – an Interview with Reggie Romain

Hey Dad, This week I interviewed familyman, Reggie Romain. ON the show he shares how he found himself separated from his wife and family and how God put his marriage back together. It wasn’t easy, and his words will encourage you to love your wife and fight for your family.

Nov 03 2015

Back in the Saddle Again

Hey Dad, I’ve been out of the loop for four weeks. That’s a long time in dad-days. Here’s a quick run down of what has happened in that time: – Hit the road on Oct. 2 and drove problem free all the way to Athens, AL. Had a great time at a great church. RV …

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Sep 25 2015

An Interview with Rick Andreassen

Hey Dad, How would you like to play kick-ball for a living AND impact lives for eternity?!! Have you EVER felt God calling you to step out of a ‘safe job’ and do something ‘bigger’? On this week’s show we talk to Rick Andreassen who started an incredible sports ministry to kids (Saints International). His passion …

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Sep 16 2015

Skype Me!! – it’s almost like having me there

Hey Dad, You’ve got three options to have me speak to your group: 1) Fly me there (plus one family member), put me up in a hotel, shuttle me around or rent a car, take a love offering or set a fee. 2) Just hope I’m driving through the area in the old Family Mobile …

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Aug 31 2015

Family Friendly TV Series

Hey Dad, My family and I needed some Family friendly television to watch as the weather gets cooler pushing us indoors. I’m pretty picky and want something without bad language and adult themes. That nixes a lot of stuff. So I asked the dads and here’s what they said: (Again, not everyone uses the same …

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Aug 26 2015

These Dads Can Catch – video

Hey Dad, Not every dad is an all star athlete, but when our kids lives are on the line we kick into gear and with ninja-like reflexes we save lives. Take a look at these videos and see a bunch of dads who either catch or crush their children. I love being a dad (except …

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