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RV and Camper Demand is High

RV and camper rental demand is more than 3x higher than available supply.

If you own an RV or a camper, this is very exciting news for you.

Here are three reasons why:

1. You will start booking rentals almost immediately.
No matter what type of RV or camper you own, a very large amount of people are trying to rent something like it every single day. Many of these people are finding that there are no available units for the dates they want. This means that there is a large market of customers waiting for you to list your RV or camper.

2. You can be very selective with which rentals you book.
Because there is more demand than supply, you will never need to feel pressured to book a rental if you don’t feel 100% comfortable with both the people who want to rent, and the type of trip they are going on. You are in complete control, and you will have your pick of the litter as far which types of renters and trips you want to accomodate.

3. You can charge a premium rate.
One of the biggest mistakes that we see RV and camper owners who are new to RVshare make is not charging enough. Because there is more demand than supply, you should never charge less than you are happy with. Whatever amount you need to charge in order to accomplish your RVshare goals, you will not have a problem finding renters who are willing to pay it.

Curious what you could make with your RV or camper?

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