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The Ducks Will Get You

Hey Aspiring RVers,

One of the most bizarre RV incidents we experienced was when a full-grown turkey smashed though our windshield near Cleveland, OH. Since then, I’ve had a healthy respect for the Butterballs, but they are not the fowls that I fear most. The birds that cause the most problems? DUCKS.

Not the kind of ducks that crash into you…but the kind that you have so much trouble ‘getting in a row.’ I can’t tell you how many homeschoolers have told me they’re thinking about RVing…seeing the country…going on an adventure, AFTER they get their ducks in a row.

When they mention the ducks, my heart sinks and I know they’ll soon be duck victims—well-meaning folks whose dreams were sidetracked by those dastardly ducks.

I know what they mean is that once they do enough research, get enough money, learn enough about RVing, the kids get finished with ______ or reach the age of _____, or work gets to the point where they can travel, then they’ll pull the trigger and hit the road. Like I said, when all the ducks get lined up…

Man, those ducks have killed lots of dreams because here’s the secret of ducks. They don’t get in a row until you start moving. You’ve seen little yellow peepers, running all over the place, but as soon as you start to walk away or their mother starts to move, they line up and neatly follow the leader.

That, my fellow dreamer, is how you get your RV ducks in a row. You just start. You buy an old RV even though you don’t know everything about RVs. You plan your trip even though you don’t know the best route. You hit the road even though your children are young…and not-potty trained…and won’t remember much of what you see.

You just do life and those ducks will get in a row. The row may not look like you think it should, but they will cooperate and you will get to LIVE the dream you’ve been dreaming of.
So quit hoping that everything will come together to make your RVing dream a reality and start moving AND your RV dream WILL become a reality. I guarantee it.


Until next time…swing wide and keep your eye on your tail…and beware the ducks,

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