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Hey Traveler,

This article is going to be short because I’m off to Pasadena, CA (after arriving home from Phoenix, AZ two days ago). I’m exhausted because I didn’t go by RV!!! I had to travel by plane which is way worse than RV travel. Oh, sure it’s fast, but it’s not a journey…it just gets you to a destination.

There’s no flexibly in the air travel. You see an amazing canyon out the window and you have no option of announcing to the rest of the plane, “I think we should stop there to see what it’s like in person.”

Even CAR travel offers little flexibility when traveling he highways and byways. After all “we have to get to the hotel tonight, so we can’t stop at that historic site the brown sign announces.”

Now RV travel gives you all the flexibility oin the world…especially if you’re Wally-Docking (which we’ll talk about next week). It looks like this:

You’d traveling down I-65 on your way to Florida and you see the Corvette Assembly plant in Bowling Green, KY. You don’t have to be anywhere that night and you know there is a Wal-Mart with your name on it where you can park for the night…somewhere along the road. So you stop and see the amazing process of assembling a shiny red corvette.

I’m telling you RVing has allowed us to have the flexibility to stop at all kinds of interesting places like: a potato chip factory, the world’s biggest wind chime, Herbert Hoover’s presidential museum and boyhood home, or a beach to enjoy the sun and sand. Thos are unplanned adventures and experiences that RVing allowed us to do.

Had we traveled in some other mode…we would have been slaves to the schedule and the destination and missed out on…the JOURNEY!

Until next time…swing wide and keep your eye on your tail,

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