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Do I Need to be ‘a Fixer’ to be an RVer?

Hey Traveler,

As I talk to prospective RVers around the country the question that inevitably comes up is, “Do I NEED to be a handyman type to RV?”

What they mean by that is, do you have to be able to fix toilets, overhaul engines, and know which end of the hammer to hold to RV? Of course the answer is NO…but it does help. Really the thing that helps the most is…NOT being afraid to try.

To be honest, I’ve never done any major engine work on my RV. If I have a problem I take it to me local diesel mechanic or stop in a Cummins engine shop if I’m on the road. That said, I’m always looking for the easy fix. So one time I was out on the road and looked underneath my RV (which I do almost every time I stop and get out) and saw a small spot of fluid.

I never ignore puddles. More often than not it’s just water from a previous rain storm, but other times I’ve found antifreeze (it’s green), oil (dark brown and smelly) and power steering fluid (a red tint to it) puddle on the pavement. That particular time it happened to be a fuel leak and my first thought was…Oh, bummer.

I looked above the small puddle and I found a small drip coming from a loose nut on the side of the engine. I tightened it (I always have my tools with me) and whala…leak stopped. If I had ignored it…it might have turned out badly. That’s the thing: if you just use a little common sense and take care of it as soon as the problem is detected you can do a lot of the fixes yourself.

The non-engine fixes are basically maintenance. So yes, you’ll occasionally find yourself on the roof patching a leak, searching for a burned out fuse, or strapping down awnings to keep them from blowing away.

Again you don’t have to be handy…but you do have to be willing…or willing to spend the bucks. I have non-handyman RV friends who have tackled some fairly major fixes armed only with determination and a You Tube video.

So if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and to learn a few new tricks…you’re a great candidate for RVing.

So until next time…swing wide and keep your eye on your tail
Or as my friend Red Green liked to say, “If the women don’t find you handsome they should at least find you handy.”

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