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So You Wanna Get an RV?

Hey Dad…or Mom,

Wherever we go people ask me about RVing. After all, my family and I have been doing it for about 14 years and spend 3-4 months on the road each year with as many as EIGHT kids at a time. In those years not only have we come to LOVE RVing more and more, but we’ve also learned a few things over the years.

So we’ve decided to put our thoughts on paper in a series of articles designed to help you make the first step into RVing an easy one.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you might have about RVing with a family.

Swing wide and keep your eye on your tail,

PS – These articles will post as they appear on Ever Bright Learning


Article 1 – Let Me Explain

Article 2 – Picking the Right RV (Part 1)

Article 3 – Picking the Right RV (Part 2)

Article 4 – The Ducks Will Get You

Article 5 – Full time, Part time, or Once in Awhile

Article 6 – Do I Need to be ‘a Fixer’ to be an RVer?

Article 7 – Saddle Up Anyway!

Article 8 – Flexibilityyyyyyy

Article 9 – Wally-Docking

Article 10 – Presidential Museums

Article 11 – God Directed Detours


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