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This Dad Wet His Pants…and is my HERO!

Fox News – April 17, 2017

A Utah dad is receiving online praise for his “Billy Madison”-like reaction to hearing about his daughter’s bathroom accident at school. On Friday, Ben Sowards showed up to collect his 6-year-old crying daughter with his own pants wet, Fox 13 News reported.

He told the news outlet that he was heartbroken after hearing about his daughter Valerie’s embarrassment, and splashed some water on his pants before leaving the house. He reportedly arrived at the school’s front office and asked Valerie if he could borrow her backpack to cover up his own “accident.”

Valerie’s older sister, Lucinda, was on hand to capture the moment and shared it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. Lucinda, the oldest of the family’s 11 children, told Fox 13 that the Sowards are adopting four of their foster children on Monday and are passionate advocates for foster care.

She told Buzzfeed News that when she once fell ice-skating, Soward FaceTimed her with a painted-on black eye to match hers.

Todd Note: My prayer is that I would be slow to get bothered and quick to LOVE. That’s so D!

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  1. I feel so small compared to this incredible DAD!!!! This hit me right where I live, because I woke up at 3:30am last night to my 5 year old daughter yelling for her mother. I went into her room all annoyed and she was kneeling on her floor wanting to get back in her bed but couldn’t cuz she’d wet it. She had changed her jammies and panties, so I got a couple of thick beach towels, covered her “whiz spot”, and tucked her back in but was completely annoyed the whole time and made sure she knew how annoyed I was by talking to her like an old orphanage hag, rather than her compassionate daddy who was happy to help her get tucked back into her bed. God’s working on me though…and he’s using The Familyman as a very effective tool…and I WILL DO BETTER!!!

    Shannen Struckman
    Father of 7
    Rock Rapids, IA

    1. Welcome to the “I blow it all the time” club. But you’re right…WE will do better…and we’ll still blow it. Never give up. They need us.

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