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Dream Bigger

Dream BIGGER Princess

Dad’s Fighting for Motherhood
The Media is Winning – Part 1

I’m a Disney Dad. Some of my earliest memories are of listening to Disney LPs, watching Disney Movies, and Drawing Mickey and the gang. That said, I’ve got a beef with the powers that be at the House of Mouse.

It started a while back when I saw their “Dream Big Princess campaign.” It starts out with pure Disney Magic with Pocahontas standing on the top of a cliff with magical leaves swirling around her leading into a montage of Disney Princesses mixed with live footage of little girls in ”grown up roles.”

The roles cover quite a bit of territory from swinging on ropes, shooting arrows, diving, karate, ballet, gymnastics, and swimming and a variety of roles/careers like peace activist, scholar, politician, astronaut, equestrian, tap dancer, surfer, and skate boarder. The spot ends like it began with a pull away shot of Pocahontas on that same cliff, ending with a voice over and the caption, “Dream big, Princess.”

The point of the short spot is to let little girls know that they don’t have to settle for small or predefined roles that society…or more specific “traditional society” has set forth. And that’s what has my ire up. Because there is nothing wrong with traditional roles. Because those traditional roles began as Biblical roles and while being a astronaut is fine thing for our girls so is MOTHERHOOD and WIFEHOOD. But those roles and activities were blatantly absent from the Disney infomercial.

(I just saw another Dream Big Princess spot on TV and although it was different it had the same emphasis…with the musical lyrics saying…be a astronaut…be a chemist… No mention of wife or mother).

I shouldn’t’ be surprised because motherhood and wifehood is considered “archaic” and old fashioned. The world hates motherhood. It’s OK with Fatherhood because it likes the idea of men upping their game, but motherhood is viewed as something to be escaped or to be added to an already full life and career.

NO!!!! Motherhood is enough. And our daughters should be encouraged to DREAM about attaining that role and position because there is no role higher!!! Dad, we need to be leading the charge. Dads need to be fighting for motherhood.

When women do it they are accused of being Uncle Toms…of having spent so much time in the shadows and prison of home life. Its assumed that they can’t possibly be speaking in their right mind.. My daughter-in-law has voiced feeling “lesser” because her ambitions are to be a wife and mom. That saddens me. I want her to JOY in being a wife and mom, because being a wife and mom is enough.

So Dad, I’m adding my voice to the mix. I like the idea of Dreaming Big…but my commercial is going to show little girls playing house, babysitting, and caring for siblings. I’m going to show moms doing what they do, caring for families, husbands, and children (with smiles on their face) and then I’m going to add in a strong voice, “Dream BiggER Princess.”


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  1. Awesome!! That the Truth may be known!! Just heard you speak at CHOH & was so blessed, encouraged to go back to those basic truths of why we homeschool!! You had me doubled over with laughter – such good medicine – & convicted, as well, to stay the course…I’m just getting “back in the game” after fighting Lyme disease for 8 yrs. & I needed a dose of joy & reminder of these beautiful truths as I lead our beautiful masterpieces (children)! May JESUS continue to shine thru your family, Todd, the Familyman!!!
    We RV’d for 15 mos. on mainland/Canada with our 8 children (13-2 y.o.) & what memories…& chaos! : )
    Blessings to you all, esp. your wife! : )

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