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Guess The Date

Guess the Date

The excitement is building as my oldest son, Ben, and his wife, Rissa, wait for their pink bundle of joy – Baby R_____. That’s right, we know its going to be a girl and her name begins with R, but that’s all we know. We have been told they have not heard the name ever used as a name…so we’re all anxiously guessing (so far no one has guessed).

I’m thinking we should have a little contest (maybe two). First, the dad closest to the actual birth date (and time) wins a Familyman Book of their choice (the due date is Feb. 5). Second, if you guess the name of little Romina you’ll win an all expense paid dinner to McDonald’s ($10 Arch card).

Just place your guesses in the comment box below (it may take an hour before your guess appears).

Give it a shot!!!

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  1. Im gonna go with 3:47 AM on February 9th.

    Name Guess: Ridley. cant really think of anything R that hasnt been a name or isnt just crazy like Ratchet lol

    Congrats by the way! and we are expecting our fourth child, little baby Savannah Joy at the end of February, God is Good!

  2. I agree with Terry on the late part! But I don’t think that Roger will be that late…. February 10 @ 7:08 am is when Roger will make his appearance!

  3. Feburary 19th at 1:47 am. I know I’m the only mom on here but I am a single mom so I try to do both parenting jobs at times and you give me some great “dad” things to do with my son.

  4. Feb 10th @ 10:17am

    Todd’s oldest daughter’s birthday! And our oldest son’s birthday! That as good a day as any…right, Todd!!

  5. Birth : She will join the Groundhog club!!! February 2nd…10:27PM.
    Name : Rainey

    Congrats and good luck. Blessings on the new parents and grandparents!

  6. HI Todd, Congrats again GRANDPA!!!! Let Ben & Rissa know we are excited for them here in Florida.

    Here is my prediction:

    February 9th 3:23 pm

    Baby Name: Rosetta

  7. Feb 10th at noon sounds wonderful, since it is half way between my birthday and my wife’s!

    God bless little baby Hannah.
    – Hebrew for “favor” or “grace of God.” (mother of Samuel and also the name of our amazing daughter)

  8. First- Congrats on joining the “GRAND” party of life!
    We found out in November that we became “GREAT-GRAND”
    Much to young for that title.

    Feb 14 2:14 pm Rula Wilson 7 lbs 2 oz

    looking forward to hearing

  9. Royal or Ryrie
    This provided good conversation at the dinner table tonight.
    Congrats, Wilson family!
    We’ll be praying for the safe arrival of Baby R.

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