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Familyman – Song By Drew Geerts

Hey Dad,

This is not only the NEW Familyman Show theme song it’s also available to you FREE of charge.

The song was written and preformed by Drew Geerts and it is…awesome!!!

download free song


Familyman by Drew Geerts



Drew and Abigail Geerts – contact

drew geerts





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  1. Hello,

    I’m Drew’s mom.

    I’m quite proud of the man my son has become. A strong christian man that is proud to lead his family in the christian way that Christ taught men to do. Abby is a wonderful soul mate that God prepared to stand side by side with my son. Together they grow in God and are raising wonderful children that already know the love of Christ because they can see it in their parents.

    I honestly say that even though I loved Jesus as my personal savior, I wish I had been as strong a christian as I see in my son, while he was growing up. It really is only by God’s grace, and the choices that Drew has made, that he is so close to God. I told him of Jesus, and His love for him, but did not show him nearly as strongly as he shows his own children. Together, Drew & Abby have given their children a better chance of making the right choice because of how they see their own parents living.

    I wish more parents today would realize how very important it is to lead their family with the love of Christ. It is my prayer, that many people will hear this song and not only be blessed by it but also inspired.

    Thank you God, for blessing me with the gift of my son and most especially the gift of Your son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

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