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Everyone Likes the World’s Biggest…

Hey Dad,jolly green giant

Got the world’s biggest mailbox near where you live? I’d like to know where it is, but I need your help. Let’s make a list of ‘the World’s Biggest…things’ a dad and his family would like to see (a link would be helpful but not necessary).

I’ll start:

World’s Biggest ball of paint – Alexandria, IN

World’s Biggest bottle of Ketchup – Collinsville, IL (near St. Louis)

World’s Biggest Jolly Green Giant – Blue Earth, MN

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  1. Todd,

    Tampa FL has a bowling ally in its downtown area called Channelside (Restaurants, the Aquarium, Cruise Ports, Hockey Arena) that has the worlds largest “Bowling Pin”. This link ( takes you to Roadside America websites that talks about it. Also you can visit the Splitsville website ( to learn more about the location in Tampa FL.

    Hope this helps

    Mike “at McDonald’s”
    in Tampa FL

  2. Hi Todd,

    Anchorage, Alaska has the world’s largest halibut stuffed and in a case in the lobby at their airport. It was an impressive 9′ 5″ long and weighed in at 459 lbs!

    Update – I need to let them know that some kid from Germany just smashed the record with a 515 lb beast near Norway!! Oh Well

    Being real,


  3. Todd,

    Rochester MN is the home of the world’s largest corn cob water tower. It is located at the Seneca Foods canning factory. The ear of corn is 151 feet tall and has stood over the cannery since 1931. The water tower can hold 50,000 gallons of water and represents a true ear of corn as to the number or rows of kernels.

    Picture here:

    Jeff R…

        1. Also in Casey is the World’s Largest Knitting Needles and Crochet Hook. And, just up the road from Casey is also the World’s Largest Horseshoe in Martinsville (literally the next exit away from Casey), and my understanding is that they are currently working on a rocking chair to best the one in Missouri.

          Stopped and got to see all of them about two weeks ago on our drive from OH to AZ with (4) kids 7 and under in the back of the minivan. Good times.

  4. The world’s largest globe, Eartha, is in Yarmouth, Maine at the DeLorme map store. After driving by it for 14 years, we finally stopped this summer. It is AMAZING!
    My dad helped build the world’s largest standard weather vane in Montague, MI.

  5. The world’s largest ball of twine created by a town is in Cawker City, KS, which is about 3 1/2 hrs NW of Kansas City (sort of near Kansas State Univ). Every year the town holds a festival and adds on to it, so if you time it right, wow! Excitement for young and old!

  6. … and now for some Canadian road-trip destinations…

    World’s Biggest Nickle – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    World’s Biggest Goose – Wawa, Ontario, Canada
    World’s Biggest Apple – Colborne, Ontario, Canada
    World’s Biggest Easter Egg – Vegreville, Alberta, Canada

      1. World’s largest hockey stick (with a puck) is in Eveleth, MN-just in case you happen to be driving through the Iron Range area of Minnesota north of Duluth. Being 107 ft long and 3 tons, that is a lot of momentum to get a hockey puck cruising across the ice but I think Paul Bunyan could handle it just fine.

  7. World’s Largest Ball of Sisal Twine Built by a SINGLE PERSON!

    Darwin, Minnesota, is the home of a ball of baler twine rolled by Francis A. Johnson. It is 12 feet (3.7 m) in diameter and weighs 17,400 pounds (7,900 kg). Johnson began rolling the twine in March 1950, and wrapped four hours every day for 29 years. It is currently housed in a specially made gazebo across from the town park on Main Street (45.096332°N 94.410276°W), and the town celebrates “Twine Ball Day” on the second Saturday in August every year. An adjacent volunteer-run, free to visit museum and gift shop has information on the history of the ball, as well as selling a variety of souvenirs.[1][2][3][4]

  8. Catoosa Oklahoma has the big blue whale on old route 66. I believe you said you all were going to go by and see it when you spoke in Sapulpa, Oklahoma in April! (I’m Sterling Slaven’s wife, the dad you always tell him his name is cool! 🙂

  9. The worlds largest mosquito in Komarno Manitoba: (Komarno means “mosquito infested” in Ukrainian),4&cat_ID=2&sub_ID=60&sub2_ID=55

    The Worlds largest Coke Can in Portage la Prarie, Manitoba:

    Largest Sturgeon, Dominion City, Manitoba: (statue is a replica of the actual fish that was caught, 15.5 feet, 406 lb)

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