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A little heads up!

holding handsHey Dad,

I’m feeling good because my wife and I are heading off to a quick couple’s retreat for the weekend…that’s right, NO KIDS. Normally, since I’m the speaker and do these kind of things fairly regularly, I don’t get too excited. But this time my wife is going with me and we’re going to enjoy it together.

I’m just looking forward to driving there alone with her, eating and talking with other couples, and feeling like newlyweds (in fact, I feel a little giddy-nervousness right now).

Actually, I know every wife dreams of going on a couple’s retreat. They want the refreshments and renewed vision. I also know just about every husband hates the idea of a couple’s retreat and looks for any excuse to avoid them.

Here’s the deal, Dad: you need time away with your wife…because she wants time away with you. Quit making excuses and prepare yourself for the next opportunity to arise (because it will come).

So  when you’re sitting in church and they announce, “We’re having a couple’s retreat in the fall.” Lean over to your wife right there and then and say, “Let’s sign up.”

I’m telling you her insides will be shouting for joy.

I’m out of here. Have a great weekend…I know I will.

You ‘da dad,


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  1. We really enjoyed this weekend, God has truly given you an unbelievable ability to connect with people right where they are at, God bless you and your family and thanks for giving us an excitement and challenge about each other and our family!

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