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The Best and Worst Jobs for Familymen

Dad, let’s make a list of the best and worst jobs for dads. I’m not talking about how much you make, but is it a family friendly job.

Does it give you plenty of time with your family? Is it flexible? Does it have good vacation perks (like teaching school)? OR does it demand time on the road, a large amount of weekly hours, weekends and evenings?

So let’s do it this way:
Put the type of job first and then on the next line gives us the pros or cons. And then put your first name and where you live.

Like this:


Can be hard on a family as you have to do some travel…along with training. But the view is nice.

~ Uri, Russia

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  1. I get to do it in the morning when my family is sleeping so it is no family time lost at all! Plus the kids like getting up early and going with me in the summer.

  2. Attorney – the.position affords a great deal of flexibility. Hours can be long depending on the project, but can be worked early or late when the family is asleep. In-house counsel tends to be more relaxed than private practice (there are exceptions)

    Mark in Indianapolis

  3. I work as an independent investment analyst/advisor and can work from home or in an office (there are 2 other investment advisors in the office). I can name my own hours and it works out great! I also have a financial coaching business I own which I conduct from home.

  4. Missionary
    My hubby works out of the home a lot and we can all go on trips with him and work in the ministry with him.Being missinaries has been the best job ever! Only con could be financial, but the good ouotweighs that.

    1. HEY SHARI!! THANKS so much for sharing a part f your life. I’m struggling a lot… a lot of questions to God about my purpose/Career and worries about taking care of my family. I need to ask you. How is your Husband able to Provide Financially?

  5. QA Systems Auditor,

    A great family job as I audit computer validation, it can be done from home, pays well enough for my wife to stay home with our kids and homeschool, and has limited travel so that I’m not away too often. I love it and it gives me flexibility to be involved with my kid’s lives and activities.

  6. Law Professor

    University professors generally have a lot of schedule flexibility for times when we are needed at home, and all or part of our summers free. My field (law) pays better than other academic jobs.

    Brad, Virginia Beach, VA

  7. Independent Children’s Author, Artist, and Performer

    I work from home, we can often travel together as a family, and the kids are part of the creative process! However, I do have to take some trips (performances/presentations) out on my own and those are a bummer to have to be away. However, the amount of time we do have together as a family is higher than with most jobs.

    Kevin, Grand Rapids, MI

  8. Long hours, working weekends and whenever a client wants to buy a home can be demanding and make you miss out on family time. On the bright side, no travel. I am home with my family every night and I have 2 days off a week to spend with my family just not necessarily on the weekend.
    -Brian, Summerville, SC

  9. I’m a preacher and I love the time it affords my family. I have an office at home. When I travel for “business,” the family goes with me. Studying the Bible with them is actually my job! However, it is necessary to protect family time from those who demand too much of preachers.

  10. Mechanical Design Engineering Consultant
    Pros: work from home, good pay, new challenges every day, manage own schedule, can take short-term contract job as needed, good demand for services
    Cons: requires higher education or work experience, no paid vacations
    Jason —Wolcott, Indiana

  11. Farmer
    Pro’s … Kids can help Dad with work. Seasonal work so there can be time with family in the off season.
    Con’s … long days and weeks during the busy season.
    Leonard – Montana

  12. Chemist

    I work in Research and Development of new paints and coatings. Very family friendly, with low travel. College was tough but now that I am in the real world, I love it.

  13. Not all pilot jobs are not family friendly. Corporate and charter pilots can be home a lot if you get with the right company. I fly regional jets and have not chased the high paying major airline job. I get paid less, but live in my base town and only fly 1 day trips. I get 18 days off a month and coach my kids sports teams and see almost all their games. That’s 4 kids plus 2 foster kids. If I chased the big bucks or lived out of
    base, I would not see them much. You can be a pilot and a family man. Just keep your priorities right. Ps family flies for free.

  14. My husband works as a network admin. in a big company in the city. Long commute…normal hours…but due to the commute hardly home during the week. Plus: off on weekends and flexible vacations so we go camping together for long weekends to make up for time lost during the week. My Dad was a school principal and the hours almost matched school hours..those kind of jobs are great for families and a Christian in the school system is great-though the pay in some states is not so great.

  15. Software Developer

    It can be very family friendly, but it depends more on the company than the work. Technically, development can be done any time, any place, so I can work at home on flexible hours as long as my boss is satisfied. I’ve taken month-long vacations which involved a week of work off-location in between.

    Conway, AR

  16. Project manager of construction projects for a University. Great hours/leave for family time. That’s why I took the job. Can be time consuming and too stressful if you let it. Need to manage the stress “at work” and not take it home.

  17. I’d have to say farmer, teacher and evangelist are some that would be on the top of my list. I’ve worked at a number of jobs through the years — journalist, financial services — and I have a friend who is the president of American operations for a huge pharmaceutical company. He makes well over $500,000 a year but he’s gone more than half the time. How sad for his children. They have EVERYTHING in the world, except a moment with dad.

  18. I’d have to say farmer, teacher and evangelist are some that would be on the top of my list. I’ve worked at a number of jobs through the years — journalist, financial services — and I have a friend who is the president of American operations for a huge pharmaceutical company. He makes well over $500,000 a year but he’s gone more than half the time. How sad for his children. They have EVERYTHING in the world, except a moment with dad.
    My oldest son and I started a lawn service three summers ago so that he could take over the business when he turned 16 (this past September). Talk about some quality time with ALL the family — because the entire crew ends up helping a lot! Fabulous

  19. Senior Technical Writer

    I usually work from 7 AM to 3:30 PM and rarely work more than ~40 hours a week. I work from home as needed and for half a day every Friday (to avoid Friday rush hour traffic). Some writers work 90% to 99% from home. Pay is good enough so that my wife stays home with our four kids. We can also afford an international vacation every few years. I am with a great company now and get 24 days of PTO plus 10 paid holidays. Thanks be to God, I have not been out of work for more than two months in the past 15 years.

  20. Corporate Recruiter…
    work from home everyday and no travel. Sometimes hard to forget since it is right there, even during off time.

  21. I’m a youth minister. My job is working with teens. And now that my oldest is in Junior High, it’s especially fun! But I get to spend time with all five of my kids a lot, and work for a church who prioritizes the families of our staff. It’s really great!

  22. Test Engineer

    As long as you do not have to travel (I do) this can be a flexible job especially if you are salary.

    Sean – Enumclaw, WA

  23. Any Role

    Be bold like Daniel and state the parameters to your supervisor before you are hired. With clear expectations and trust, you can make a role with as much flexibility as you want and need… This will surely eliminate some of your potential employers but you will find a few through your network of relationships that will last a lifetime of blessing for you and your family. The internet should allow more and more of us to work from anywhere.

  24. Independent Programmer (Web or Software)
    Pro’s – flexible schedule (most of the time), decent pay, work from home

    Con’s – non-forgiving deadlines, too much work

    Mostly its hard for me to tell people “no” when they want something and will pay for it.

  25. Wafer Fab Equipment Technician
    Pro’s- I work 12 hour shifts 3 or 4 days a week, so I am able to be home the 3 or 4 other days. I am paid well enough for my wife to stay home.
    Con’s- I am away from the house about 14 hours a day including drive time and lunch. So I get home, eat dinner and hang out with the family for about an hour and then go to be to do it all over again.

  26. Teacher

    Everyday you have the potential to be home by 3:30. Off for every holiday and all summer. Reminds you daily why your wife homeschools!

  27. I am a detective- it is good now because there is a lot less call ins since I have been transferred out of Robbery/Homicide to Property Crimes. It was tough when I worked the road- morning (11p-7a)shift.

  28. I am a lawyer. Previously, I worked in a law firm, but now I work in-house for a company. I would never go back to a law firm and would advise young lawyers to stay away from them too! Whether you are a new associate or a seasoned partner, you will be expected to crank out lots of billable hours, which means you will need to put in time in the evenings and on weekends regularly. With a company, it is generally a 9 to 5 job.

  29. As a registered nurse, my career choices are boundless. I’ve worked 12 hour days, 3-4 days/week which allowed me the rest of the week off. I’m currently working 7-3 which gives me time off in the evenings. Some nurses are required to work every other weekend, so that can be challenging from a family stand point, but there are positions that allow you to work M-F, 8 hour shifts. The nursing shortage is not going to be resolved any time soon, so the outlook for employment is very good.

  30. Chef/Line Cook in an Education setting such as a school or college. When the school is closed, you are off also…Especially on days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Summers tend to have lighter work days…

  31. Dairy Farmer

    The hours are LONG – in fact there aren’t ever days that the cows decide they don’t want milked. Things needing immediate attention can always go wrong, and do at least weekly – especially if we happen to actually plan something in advance that we’d like to do besides work. 🙂 Now, as a newly married dairy farmer’s wife, this used to drive me crazy! But with time and much prayer on this matter, God has given me a different perspective on it. God wants my husband to work and provide for our family, and nowhere in the Bible does it say that he should only put in 8 hours a day and have weekends and evenings off. My 5 kids and I all LOVE having Dad home and make the most of the time we get with him. And I know that they aren’t going to get a better example of a hard-working, godly Dad anywhere! (And if they really want more time with Dad, we can get out and work with him. 😉

  32. Chiropractor
    I set my own hours, very seldom have emergency calls, My office is very family friendly, my kids can come to work with me, I have lunch with them every day, and the Job satisfaction is incredible. Plus I get to make an impact in peoples lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  33. Farmer. I have 7 day a week busy summers, but in winter I am totally available to my kids. Also, I can often take my kids and wife to work, eat lunch and supper with them everyday, and I can avoid business travel completely. Our winters are filled with homeschooling, skiing, sledding, and games. It’s a great life.

  34. I am a teacher. My wife stays at home and teaches the kids. I got out of coaching b/c I was gone so much. Now I drive a bus in the A.M. and P.M., got a pay raise and I am home by 5 every night and the breaks are nice.

  35. Insurance advisor

    Self employed and work from home. Set my own hours which allows me to teach math each morning before getting too deep into my work. Very blessed!!

  36. Architect (buildings, not computers)
    I get paid for my time, as does the company, which creates a potential conflict with time for family. I have fairly regular office hours (8:30-6+, M-F). I see my wife and daughter most evenings and weekends. I can leave work anytime I need to be there for school performances, etc. The work thought process often intrudes beyond the work day, sapping creative energy at home. Sometimes when project deadlines loom, hours can get much longer. The pay isn’t great, but there can be bonuses. Frugality is key to living on one income with a California mortgage – one of the reasons why we have only one kid – but my wife has always been home for our daughter. We cannot afford much of what I’d like to provide (or adequately save for college or retirement), but we are not poor. Vacations are usually limited to a week driving trip to my sister’s house in Oregon. For the money, there must be a way to support my family that would leave more time and creative energy for them, but this is what I know how to do.

  37. Pastoring the smaller church. Flexible hours, usually supportive people, commitment to family as a model for the church. It’s great.

  38. Inside Sales / Application Engineer

    Good pay
    Good Hours 8 to 5 M-F (40 hour work week)
    Flexable lunch hour (It is easy to attend kids activities during the day)
    Limited travel (My 2 long trips, in 5 years, I took the family with me)
    Low stress

    Low activity (sit at a desk)

  39. Chiropractor
    Hours are great for a homeschooling dad. The self-employed aspect has its pros and cons, but the opportunities are way better than average. Ditto regarding the other doctor’s job satisfaction and ministry opportunities.

    1. Hey Mr. Plantz, I first would like to thank you so much for sharing a peace of your life. Uhh, This is something ive been struggling with to understand, and asking God on it. Uhhm I’m really trying to figure out where my life stands in terms of Career and MAKING SURE I HAVE TIME FOR FAMILY. So i am asking you EXACTLY how well does it work for you in being a Missionary?- but at the same time i wouldn’t do it because of random reasons. I actually do want to Be a Full Time Missionary … I need to know from you how it works out in terms of taking care of the Family Financially.

  40. Graphic Designer / Webmaster

    Pros: Regular, flexible hours; work stays at work rather than coming home with you. For the last few years, I could come home during the day while my wife went to work, and be with the kids-no sitter or daycare!-and then head back to work after a few hours. Very little travel, and some of the work can be done remotely (i.e., from home) if you’re so inclined-although I’ve chosen to be home when I’m home.

    Cons: The pay isn’t fabulous.

  41. Computer programmer. Usually family friendly. I have worked as as computer system administaator as well. Also usually family friendly. BUT, it depends on the company and manager. I can almost always do the job at off site, but my bosses generally feel better with me on the job site most of the time. The up side: I can work from home almost anytime. I get decent pay – if I manage my budget, my wife doesnt HAVE to work – but cant chase the credit, must be frugal. I moved to Miami from Memphis for 5 years to pursue ministry opportunities and improve my spanish and then moved back to Memphis to be closer to the kids’ grandparents. Downside: I sometimes have to work nights or weekends (whem moving new projects into production or when something breaks or when I am on call).

  42. Pros: You set your own schedule by which gigs you accept or don’t accept. Creative outlet; pays well if you’re good and have diverse musical skills. You can get your family involved.

    Cons: Schedule is never the same, and musical events are usually on weekends. Also, if you bring your family to the concert, you can’t enjoy it with them.

    The impression I seem to be getting from this list is that it’s possible to make quality time with the family in almost every profession if not all – it just takes courage, decisiveness, and a good sense of priority. Of course, I suppose, if a boss really is demanding too much of you (which I think would be the deciding factor on whether you don’t have time for family, not the profession itself) than it might be the time to ditch the job and try something or somewhere else. Very interesting and encouraging list, though!

  43. Do NOT go into retail management. You are always working on weekends and in most cases Sundays. All holidays you are at work and you only have weekdays off and they are not consistent in most cases. In some cases you have to move all over the country to be promoted. STAY AWAY unless you have no other choice.

  44. Self employed contractor.
    Pros- make my own schedule, help people (sometimes), something new almost every day, potential for good income
    Cons- no benefits, some evening homeowner meetings, tight economy, very competitive market for small profits
    Raleigh, NC

  45. Similar to what Walter said. I am a System Database Administrator. Pays well enough my wife can stay home with our kids. Hours are flexible enough I can help during doctor’s appointments. I think the manager makes all the difference. Current position is more technical stress, but less interpersonal stress. That works better for me.

  46. Pros: Very flexible hours and most of the day to day work can be handled anywhere in the world.
    Cons: sales amount can vary so it requires a lot of faith to know that God cares about your business and family and will make this month work again. I have been selling on eBay full-time since 2002 and support my stay-at home wife and 5 children.


  47. I told customers they could usually reach me 10:00-2:00 Mon.-Sat. but to make up the rest of my 40 hours, I would flex based on family needs for the week. The Christian Bookstore was open 9am-9pm Mon-Sat. It was lower pay than any family could live on but I would not change it because those 15 years of time with my kids was worth a million $

  48. Technical Support Manager – I work overnights due to working in healthcare – we support ER’s so I’m here during the busy time. Working 7pm-3am lets me eat dinner with my family every night and I can wake up early enough (around 10am) and enjoy the day. Not being home when the kids are sleeping and being there when they are awake – the best feeling in the world. The only con is as they get older, more events seem to take place in the evenings to satisfy those who work all day/go to school, so I’m starting to miss a few things here and there. the time off is very flexible and I have every sunday off, which is important to me! My employees are all Support Technicians – and they all work 7 10 hour nights and then have 7 nights off, plus they still get PTO to use and I am very flexible with time and working from home options when needed. I never thought I’d ever work nights, but now that I have been, I don’t think I could ever go back. It’s great getting errands and stuff done while the rest of the world is at work – and Chuck E Cheese on Wednesday at 11am is a different experience than it is on a Saturday or evening!

  49. Telecom (Radio Frequency) Engineer: Family Friendly-when working for a carrier like Sprint-AT&T or Verizon, it is good. When contracting and performing buildouts famil friendly bad. BUT, once the kids grow up, contracting is a free way to see the country!!! Pay is good when working for a carrier, pay is EXCELLENT when contracting.

  50. Business Development Manager- I am home-based most of the time as much of my work can be accomplished via phone. I do have occasional travel, but the trips are usually not more than a couple days max.

  51. I own a small taxi company. It allowed me to set hours around what works for my family. Open Mon-Sat 2pm to 2am Closed Sunday for church, family, friends, road trips, etc. I don’t usually get to bed until 3am so sleep till around 10am. I spend sometime with the kids in their school (homeschooled) then its lunch and devotions and work starts. I’ll never get rich at it but it gives us the time we need for God & our family, yet hours enough to earn a paycheck. The down side is dealing with boozers and fool-mouthed characters. Not all down side though, sometimes God jumps in and allows me to share something with those lost and hurting, trying to find “healing” at the bar! I guess you could say I’m always planting seeds! 🙂

  52. My brother in law is a pilot for FEDEX and he gets 2 weeks off a month. I think that is fantastic!!! There are laws which do not allow them to fly over a certain number of hours. He regularly spends time with our children, since he is not married. So I think being a pilot is a great career for homeschooling dads. He knows several other pilots that homeschool their children and some even have an extra family business on the side. He can also pick up extra trips for those times when additional money is needed for unexpected expenses. He takes our children flying all the time and if one of them chooses to pursue aviation, I would highly recommend it.

  53. IT Engineer
    I work three days a week from home. Since we homeschool we’re all home together 5 days a week. I’m only out of the home for 2 days a week.

  54. Periodontist in the U.S. Air Force

    My hours start early (I leave home by 6:00am) so I miss breakfast with the family. But I’m usually home by 4:30pm every day. I get all the federal holidays off, as well as 30 paid vacation days each year, so I get lots of good family time. The downside is deployment is always a possibility. With almost no notice at all, I could have to go to Afghanistan for 6+ months. Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet, and hopefully never. As far as deployment is concerned, the Air Force is easier on families than the Army.

    Casey, San Antonio

  55. I know men in most of these jobs. Some live family-balanced lives. Many are workaholics. I don’t think the job is family-friendly. I think the man must work under the conviction that leading his family is more important than the job.

  56. Teacher
    It does have its perks during the summer and holidays but often has long hours during the school year, either making plans, attending school events, or grading papers. The pay isn’t that great either but it has rewards such as working with some neat kids.

  57. I’m a quality inspector for an aerospace manufacturing company. It pays well (especially for a guy without a college degree) & is flexible with hours worked. My company also let me switch from 1st to 2nd shift a few years back. We thought it would be better for homeschooling the kids. It can be stressful at times & there is a lot of dishonesty.

  58. I was a self-employed, small businessman for 20 years in the printing industry. Pros: good pay and weekends off. Cons: long days and short vacations.
    I’ve worked for another company for the past six years and it’s been nice to not constantly be thinking about business and to be able to take a day off on short notice.

  59. U.S Naval Officer (Submarines)

    Pros – good pay/benefits, 30 days of vacation per year, lots of unique experiences, defend the freedom of the country, paid education and high quality on the job training, move often (ever 2-3 years), meet lots of new people

    Cons – Long hours, hours aren’t set, 6 month deployments away from family on a routine basis, out of all communication with family for weeks on end, move often (every 2-3 years)

    Misc – high divorce rate; I am blessed to have a wonderful wife who has put up with my career.

    Jay – Maryland

  60. Author of books for dads!

    I get to spend a lot of time just thinking about what kids need from their fathers and helping other men be the dads God has called them to be.

    Con: I know very well that I fall short…which is probably a good thing to know.

    Keep at it, Todd!

  61. Another pilot weighing in. Love my job because of the family time it gives me. Only rarely have I been gone as much as 3 wks at a stretch, but more often work only 2-4 days/wk. and I am home most nights.
    I know many pilot jobs that are murder on families, but the 3 I have held were great: missionary pilot, corporate pilot and major airline freight pilot. For the major airline job, it makes a huge difference where you live to maximize home time.
    Pros: more time off than most 8-5 jobs. Well-paying.
    Cons: can’t guarantee you will be there to coach the team, teach the S.S. Class, etc. Also, it cost a lot and takes a while get enough experience to get a decent job.

  62. Investement Banking with top firm on Wall Street

    Pro- Pay is outstanding, meet many interesting people.

    Cons – no flexibility, 12-14 hour day. Pay is not worth the family sacrifice so we are finding something that will allow us more time together.

    Pros: Set your own hours, impact people’s lives on multiple levels & include the family in on your mission. Our oldest son is currently in Chiropractic school.
    Con’s: As with life. . . BALANCE!

  64. Aviation Maintenance Officer – US Navy
    Pro: The “in-betweens” (applicable to any travel job too). What I mean by that is the sweetness of time spent while home from detachments, deployments and longer hours at times. My wife and I made it a point to build in as much time doing things together as a family; whether it was a day trip to Yosemite, spur of the moment family game nights, church, capped with a family lunch around the table or a visit to Sea World before walking on the ship in San Diego. Being together was the priority over everything else, including squadron golf outings and softball! They know they matter. Pay is stable, leave generous, shore duty affords good time at home and the sense of honor, courage, commitment to something bigger than yourself…unexplainable.
    Cons: Having to leave them for up to four years total of their lives. However, my bride and children have always made every homecoming welcoming no matter how short the time away.

  65. Professor!! Pros: Off all summer plus about a month off at Christmas, home everyday for lunch, and he can take the kids to school everyday. I can’t really imagine a better work schedule for a family man. Cons: ??

  66. I’m not go to mention a specific job, but characteristics. The main thing in a family friendly job is having control over your time. This usually means some form of self-employment or small business ownership. If you have to work for others, work that does NOT involve travel, shift work etc. is best.

  67. Independent Web Designer

    Pros- I worked from home for most of the 21 years with this job. It allowed me to always be there when my sons were first walking or talking, could take family trips on the spur of the moment, and could even keep up with my web work while on-site with missions work in remote locations.

    Cons- I sacrificed higher pay for the time with my family; a well-worth-it exchange that I will never regret. At times I had stress over limited finances, but God always, always provided!

  68. EMS (Medical) Helicopter pilot.
    Pros – 7 days on, 7 days off. Long work day (12 hour shift), but I’m home daily to see the family, even if its just breakfast before sleeping for night shift.

    Cons – Gaining the experience to get the job. I flew in the Marine Corps for 10 years – NOT a family friendly schedule. I got out at 10 years instead of retiring after 10 more years, but those have been crucial years in my childrens’ lives. My advice: TEACH YOUR SONS THE LONG VIEW. Work hard, hard, hard, study, travel the world, do what you need to while you are young, THEN you will be able to get the be-home-more job when it is time to be dad and husband.

  69. Independent drywall & painting, wood trim contractor- being self-employed certainly has it’s ups and downs, but have been doing this for 14 years and don’t regret anything except the times my own attitudes have been too focused on getting my own perceived needs met over my family’s needs. I really appreciate all the good perspectives on here about organizing our lives around our family, and letting work be secondary (tho’ necessary!). Blessings on the Godly dads! You go boys.

  70. Field service technician…STAY AWAY!!! travel all the time and get called at all hours especially Sunday. I have had the same job for almost 30 years so there is stability because all things break and need fixed but they never break between 9-5 Monday-Friday

  71. I’m a husband and dad to 3 beautiful daughters. After 19 years of being a firefighter/paramedic, I still love my job!

    Pros: 24 hrs on/48 hrs off schedule. Even when I’m gone, if my girls have a program or event close to my district, I get to swing by. When I’m off duty, I’m HOME! Kids get to come play on the fire engine when they come visit… Gotta love it!

    Cons: Being gone for 24 hrs at a time and having to work some holidays. Seeing some of the garbage we see isn’t pleasant at times. High divorce rate.

  72. Law Enforcement/Police/Sheriff’s Deputy
    I have been doing the job for 18 years. (6 years changing shifts every 28 days with Tue-Weds off nearly killed me). Then two years of nights, three of days and 5years of 3-11 with rotating days off (8 weekends a year). Four children and a 25 year marriage. Currently my wife works days, I homeschool from 7AM to noon, then a tutor comes. I now work 1230-830PM. I “retire with pension” in 23 months. God has tested us at every turn, but has always made a way, and right now, He is meeting our needs with this arrangement. This job is not like the movies,even the good ones. All but one of my 46 co-workers are divorced/re-married. It is very hard on families. I have said GOODBYE (for real) every day for 14 years to my kids, and 18 years to my bride. Worth it? I am proud of it. I guess you would have to ask the people I serve. But I would never want my children to follow in my footsteps. I pray my son will find employment that allows security and allows him to be a leader/lover/father in his home.

  73. Regional Sales Manager

    I manage nine stores in the central PA and upstate NY area.
    Con – 40-45k miles on the road annually.
    Pros – I am usually home 3-4 nights a week for dinner with my wife and five children. Very flexible schedule. Helping our customers become successful is very rewarding!

    Mark – Binghamton, N.Y.

  74. Plant Services Director, or Maintenance man. I work in an Assisted Living Facility and truly love it.
    Pros: Good pay, paid time off (vacation) flexible schedule.
    Cons: Have to work a Sunday or two per month. Sometimes called into work for major problems.
    I love this job. I get the chance to be a spiritual encouragement to the elderly and their families. I love putting a smile on their faces.

    Rob-Dalton, PA

  75. Swimming Pool Cleaner. 60 pools is to many per week. 50 is just right. Hard work in spring and fall, easier in summer and winter except for extremes in weather. 1 week vacation in february, only few places open for family fun in Feb. Solid, continual work that cannot be shipped out to India or China is a plus. Mom homeschools the girls at home so early mornings and evenings are our only together time.

  76. Government Support Contractor – I’ve found it doesn’t matter as much what you do as where you do it – company /environment/ boss (Proverbs 28:3-16).
    Make sure you love what you do; and if not, move toward getting another position. Your family doesn’t need you to be grumpy when you do come home (Prov 22:29).
    Also, you attitude counts. If you do your best, the Lord will bless you (Col 3:23-24) and your family will be blessed too (Job 1:10).

  77. Started family and ministry at the same time called fishing for Life( I have flexibility to choose important things over the urgency and God continues to Bless us. My kids watch as we build and have plenty of fishing events and opportunities.
    I also spent 22 yrs in military and have small business so i have freedom to build this non-profit on a small salary. contact us at

  78. Airline Pilot-
    You do have to be away from home a lot. The pay is probably better than some jobs but not what it was when my father did it. The only family friendly aspect is that I was 39 years old when I married my wonderful wife who was widowed with 3 youngsters. I had enough seniority that now it’s not so bad as far as schedule. I still work holidays though! Oh, and switching companies would mean starting all over from lowest pay. Gotta know how to pick ’em! My sons will be breaking the cycle and going for other careers and my daughter wants to be a full-time mom someday. Praise the Lord!

  79. How bout a fireman. I work 24hr shifts, thats a con, but only 10 a month, leaving me 20 days at home. I raise Bison on the ranch and one thing about ranching/farming, if you are doing it “for the kids”, they will not do it. I have seen numerous farm/ranch dads spend all the time on the land and never see the kids and wonder why they never came back or wanted a part if it. Its like fishing with your kids, leave your pole at home or you will be frustrated your line did not get wet. Any job is a good job for being a dad, your attitude and walk with Christ is the most important.

  80. Medical Technologist (lab tech)
    Work in a hospital laboratory:
    Pros…enjoyable work, typically a 40 hour work week.
    Cons…Many start on night/evening shift and work weekends and holidays (open 24/7).

  81. I work for a medical device company as a regional manager. Travel can be brutal but office days are at home. The position allows my wife to stay at home and homeschool our 3 kids.

  82. Certified Public Accountant. I work for myself and I am able to be home with my family for dinner. I then do some additional work in the evening from home.

  83. I’m a finance director. Typically this would be OK if you worked within a reasonable distance of your home. However, work hours can also be dependent on the company with some being slave drivers. Everything was ok for me up until September when the LORD opened a door for the same position in a new company. The only reason that we took it was because we felt that it was the direction HE wanted us to go. Problem is that it’s in another state, 2 1/2hrs from home. So I have a temporary apartment and I am away Monday morning through Friday afternoon. It’s painful and starting to get to me. I was a child of divorce and this is the closest thing to it without being the real thing. So if you read this, I’d appreciate if you sent a prayer up on our family’s behalf, that daddy would be able to return home every day soon (we don’t feel the LORD wants us to move). Thank you!!

  84. Airline Pilot
    Yes, it pays pretty well, but not great (considering I make about the same as my father-in-law 27 years ago!) I am gone about half the days of the month, but the other half I am at home with zero work commitment. And every now and then I can take one of my older children or my wife with me on a trip. I’m at home more now than when I was in the military!

  85. Farmer has been mentioned above but I would like to add to those. Long hours, yes, but my wife works also so I have had the pleasure of watching our kids since birth, taking them on the tractors with me, feeding the cows, hunting and fishing and many other things. The most important thing is showing them in plain sight just how much we depend on God, for rain, the miracle of births, how plants grow from seeds, and how prayer and faith is vital for direction and survival. You can have money, brains, etc. but only God sustains life.

  86. My husband is self employed in a job that he loves. It doesn’t pay enough to pay the bills, though, so we recently became Independent Marketing Executives for Melaleuca, The Wellness Company.

    We set our own hours. We are both home for our kids, and we get to educate people about how to keep their own families healthy. We also get to help other families move toward financial soundness, so they can have the time freedom that we enjoy to homeschool our children and be with them everyday.

    The only travel is an annual convention and we may take the kids and Grandma so they can visit some Museums in the city while we are at convention for three days. For more info,

  87. Monument Man ( memorialist)
    I started the business 20 years ago as a homebased business. My goal was to spend tons of time with my kids as they grew up. We did it! My baby is 19 and the oldest is 26 this year. My sons 21 and 23 are buying into the business and want to make it there lifes work. My son Corwin always wanted to be a cop but as he got older he decided that the monument business was much more family friendly. Bottom line for me is if you start your own business and let it grow slow you can have a ton of time with your family, as long as that is your goal and you are not driven to make a million. I am by far the richest man i know. My children love me, we are good friends and they want to work with me.
    I would love to be a blessing to anyone needing encouragement feel free to drop a line.

  88. I used to be a field service tech. I had a chance to travel all over the world, but I was gone weeks at a time. I have made the transition to plant maintenance at a local factory. Factory life isn’t nearly as interesting as traveling, but when it’s the end of my shift, I go home to my family – every day. The pay is good enough for my wife to stay home with our 3 boys and 1 newborn girl, and of course……we homeschool.

  89. Guys I think its important we offer our email addresses to each other. This is a really important issue and we should be willing to encourage or guide each other in career choices by answering questions via email. Thanks,

  90. I’m a Paramedic
    It’s a GREAT job we work 24 hours on 24 hours off 24 hours on then five days off and then it just rotates. It is long hours but my family comes and hangs out at the station on days I’m on the boys love to play on the ambulance. The days off gives time to plan trips etc.

  91. Like Douglas in California, I’m an Architect. The best thing that I’ve done in my career was start my own architecture firm from home. It still doesn’t pay that well, and lack of benefits is tough. But I’m here at home with my 5 kids and my wife. Occasionally one of my kids will do school work with me in my home office – that’s great. Other times, 2 of my kids will come in fighting while I’m on the phone with a client – not so great! Like any profession, this one takes hard work and focus to make it family friendly – most jobs in our modern economy aren’t family friendly by nature. If your kids are thinking about architecture, I’d offer a couple warnings: It requires at least 5 years at college, and I’m not aware of a Christian school that has an architecture program: that’s a lot of time for ungodly professors to undo your work as parents in training your kids in the ways of the Lord. Also, there are probably few professions that are worse in the ratio of education required to pay received.

  92. English teacher (high school) — I agree that this job gives you some more afternoon time than other dads and of course summer; it also is helpful in working with a homeschooling wife… we sometimes do plans together at the kitchen table at night. To teach HS English, however, you need to manage time really well. In order to get quality writing from your students, you need to assign plenty of it and give timely, high-quality feedback. Procrastinators need not apply. Also, in order to help students you need to keep up on pleasure reading, scholarship, and the news. So it is definitely a commitment. Talk with others you know before making the leap.

  93. Self Employed Commercial General Contractor – My schedule is usually very flexiable. We homeschool our kids and I can even keep the kids when my wife needs to go somewhere during the week. That part is great as both of them love being able to go with me and see the projects I am working on. Most of my clients are very open about me bringing them with me. There are some long hours as I do a lot of bank remodels and that work is after hours and some weekends. We schedule a lot of long weekend camping trips and get-aways to make up for the long hours and that is great.

  94. Self Employed Consultant – Although I am currently employed with a large chemical company with great pay and unbeatable benefits, I am downsizing my life, purchasing a small family farm, and setting up my own consulting business from home. Why? Because I realize that my children need me teaching them about God and about life; I need to help my wife with homeschooling our children; and I need to teach my sons about being dads and providers of their home someday. My current employment does not afford me the time to do these things. I am transitioning from a job to a vocation that will provide riches that no corporation can fulfill.

  95. Environmental Engineer

    Limited travel, earn enough for my wife to stay home and homeschool. When I do travel the whole family can go. Like a lot of other posts here the hours can be flexible so I can take off to go on a fieldtrip or be home during the holidays.

  96. Real Estate Appraiser & Broker
    Very flexible schedule, no travel out of town, but the past few years have been pretty rough for the self employed. On another note, here is a really good quote from Mark Gregston who has a ministry for troubled teens, “When dads are missing, problems will usually follow. Why? because moms are the ones who instill a sense of value, and dads are the ones who validate it. All children need their father’s blessing. When dad’s stamp of approval is not there, the child will look for validation somewhere else.”

  97. For most jobs, it comes down to making the right, daily trade-offs that will honor God and my family, over time. Even farmers who “have to work 7 days/week” (like my brother-in-law) can make the wise choice to honor and trust God with 6 days/week as he has commanded.

    Salaried, individual contributor role at a large corporation(regardless of functional career track) remains a good option for balance. Know your limits and where to halt family-devouring, career progression.

    +Solid pay if well-educated, good benefits, vacation
    +Flexibility at lower levels not afforded to management
    +Residual creativity, energy for leading at home and church

  98. I have very reasonable hours and I enjoy my work. I have some travel to deal with, but nothing that keeps me away too long. My only issue is that I work too far from my home and have a long commute—which equals more time away from home. So, we deal with it by staying up late.

  99. Professional Land Surveyor.
    Generally predictable work schedule. Great combination of physical and mental activity. Every job is different (generally speaking) with it’s own unique challenges and rewards. Depending on the company, it can afford an acceptable amount of family time. (I’m home every night for dinner and do not work weekends.)

    Does not pay very well. (Possibly the lowest paid professional job.) Can involve physically demanding work, rough terrain, inclement weather, demanding and cantankerous (is that a real word, and how do you spell it anyway!) clients and/or neighboring property owners. Few opportunities available in the current economic climate. (I own my own business and am currently just barely keeping my head above water.)

    My dream:
    To run a small business (cafe/tea house) with my wife.

    Tony – Portland, OR

  100. Family Physician—I work mostly four 9 hour days and a 4 hour day per week, and have most weekends off. I never have to travel unless I take short term mission trips. I have lots of time with my family since I no longer do hospital work. I highly recommend this career as being family friendly

  101. After 23 as a banking executive, I retired and started a new career as a 4th grade teacher. It has made all the difference in my life and in the lives of my wife and kids. I should have been a teacher the whole time.

  102. Detective – I am so thankful to have fairly normal hours and callouts after hours are rare. However, the eight years of working as a patrol officer (with rotating shifts) before this assignment has taken a very high toll on my family. I have missed numerous events with my kids, I have been unable to attend church with my family for months at a time, and my wife has been a single mom for far too long. It has been a continual battle to keep my heart from becoming hardened by constant exposure to the worst of sin. God has certainly provided opportunities to impact lives for eternity but the cost for those that I love has been high.

  103. Pros- 8-10hr days and I am home evenings and weekends. Part owner of family business so kids often come to work with me and if I do work late they get to come along and help. My wife doesn’t have to work because I bring home the “bacon”.
    Cons- None, no regrets

    Mike – Lancaster, PA

  104. IT Developer.
    As I write this, I am working from home temporarily as my wife recovers from recent surgery. This job has afforded me very flexible time…and LOTS of family time, which is what I love the most. On normal days, I get to put my daughter on the bus, go to work, and pick her up at school on the way home. My wife is able to stay home and continue to homeschool our son. I feel blessed to have the occupation I have and that God enables me to provide for my family.

  105. I am a Mechanical Engineer and I design machinery to support my family. The best career move I ever made was when I interviewed for my current job 21 years ago. I told the interviewer that I was looking for a long term job that would not require me to travel and would allow me to be home with my family every night. After all these years, it has been just that. It probably has held me back a little in climbing the corporate ladder but my kids know that I am there. I guess I would just suggest to state your desires up front and hold to them and if it costs you the opportunity then it wasn’t worth it to begin with.

  106. ER Physician- I have worked as a physician for 20 years. I have been fee for service and salaried. Group and solo. I have owned my own practice and worked for others. The current job I have is ideal for homeschooling dads. I work 6 24 hour shifts in 4 weeks. Otherwise I am home. The pay is good and the benefits are good also. I know many physicians who are burning themselves out and taking their families with them. After coming out of career addiction I have to agree with one of the earlier notes. The key is not what job you get but what you do with it. As homeschoolers our job should be opening the eyes of our young men to what is truly important in a job. Our job is how we support our calling which is to serve our wives and children. If we are getting self worth or value from our job it can be a very seductive master. Trust me, medicine is definitely that way. A fellow I met last year (Dave Stelzl) has been giving talks on raising entrepeneurs. The idea is to rely less on the system of canned education and think outside the box to look at why God is calling us to have an income, how we get there and how we make the most of that in raising our children. A few of the seminars are online if you any one is interested the website is

  107. The hours are long, the pay low, but for me to be working with my family and being close to my family are great assets!

  108. Veterinarian
    Pros – good salary, schedule flexible and family-friendly depending on where you work, can work for others or own your own practice, jobs available after graduation
    Cons – 8 years of college, family plans can be ruined by emergencies in any situation where you work

  109. Railway Yard Foreman:
    I am currently working in a lower grade, because of the company’s employment equity issue! Pros: Salary suffecient in order to allow my wife to stay at home(she was recently retrenched). I have quite a bit of free time at work whichallows me to read a lot. I have also recently undertaken to translate daily devotions for the Kids ministry & prayers for the church. Cons: I work 12 hour shifts day – night, weekends & public holidays. My 2 little boys would prefer it I was at home in the evenings & weekends(mommy can’t do the voices daddy does while reading bedtime stories). I take them to school when I work night shift, and every 3 weekend I’m off for 4 days. Every alternate week we get a 2 day midweek break. I get time to watch most of the little guys rugby games. I miss the odd match, but Beloved is an avid cameraman. Beloved supplements our income by doing needlework from home so I get an opportunity to spend some quality time(one of her touch points of love) with her when she does her sewing. I am becoming pretty good at pinning hems, I leave the overlocking & sewing for Beloved. She is currently busy with the kids church costumes for their Christmas play. Sundays when I’m off + night shift weekends we both teach at kids church.
    sunny South Africa

  110. Software Implementation Consultant:
    Pros – good salary, travel perks (hotel points and air miles often used for family trips), no commute, have been able to stay in same home as kids grow, work from home when not traveling
    Cons:Travel puts stress on family and self as often out of town 4 full days per week. Pressure to make good first impression makes new projects stressful and often results in making me more distracted during time with family.

  111. Real Estate Appraiser
    Pros; family friendly, work from home, flexible schedule, typically ony 1/2 day on the road, 5 days a week, sometimes can spend full day at home, schedule around things that the wife likes and needs to do, Holidays, Sundays and most Saturdays off. reasonable income
    Cons; self employed, difficult to take vacations, If I dont work, no money, no salary, have to pay into own benefits, insurance, 401k, etc.

  112. I’m on my 9th year in the Army, I would not recommend a career in the military. I leave the house at 4am, roll in at about 7pm, at least 5 days a week. I’ve been gone half my children’s life, and the last few years have been especially bad (I’ve been gone 33 out of the last 36 months on two deployments and various schools) Don’t be seduced by the pay and job security. Not to mention how difficult it is to stay pure with the rampant pornography usage thrusted in my face day after day.

  113. Corrections Officer

    16 yrs in the business. Still working weekends, some evenings and holidays. It takes a toll on my family. I would never see my kids if they were NOT homeschooled. The pay allows us to homeschool with my stay at home wife. I miss Church and the fellowship at times. I dont think it is worth it. On the pro side, I have a captive audience to witness to. As the Lord leads.

  114. Training Coordinator
    The company I now work for provides me with plenty of home time. I work 8 to 5, Monday to Friday with a hour off for lunch so I go home with my family. I have approximately 7 wks of vacation and get a travel allowance to take my family on vacations. The down side is the small community (650 people) with only 25 to 30 people in our church, including children.

  115. Production Supervisor
    This is a very sore subject in our home. My wife homeschools our children. We have 6 (oldest is 11) and #7 is due in March. I have to be at work at 5am and get home at 5pm. I also have to work 1/2 days on Saturday when needed. My wife and children would be willing to do anything, so I could be home more with them. Please pray for an opportunity for our family to be together more.

  116. CPA (CFO)
    I am employed by a family-friendly company with flexible hours. I am allowed to work 9 AM to 4 PM most workdays. However, we have our busy seasons (budget and audit) that require additional hours for several weeks at at time. I also receive 5 weeks vacation, which I use. My homeschooling wife and children are very appreciative. We thank God for this blessing.

  117. Aircraft Mechanic
    I have been an aircraft mechanic for 17 years. Even though most aircraft facilities are a 24/7 operation there are some that are Monday thru Friday. Plus it’s a joy to take the kids to see the aircraft I work on and see their faces of fascination.

  118. Rotating shifts and work many holidays. Being a Federal employee does bring a jealous amount of Annual Leave days, so I can’t complain too much. However, the affect on sleep, mood, and health cannot be underestimated. The stress of the job can be high at times as well.

  119. Home Inspector – As a self-employed inspector I set my own schedule. I’m not stuck behind a computer. I get to serve people as they buy their ‘new’ home. The dollar-per-hour rate is good for non-degreed profession.
    Con-when real estate slows down living is lean.
    whoinspects at gmail
    I am also a Director-tutor with Classical Conversations, a nation-wide education services company. I tutor a Challenge 1 class one day-a-week.
    Michael in Texas

  120. Worst Job – UPS driver.
    I worked as a package handler in the early a.m for 18mos. Good medical benefits, but met more divorced drivers than I cared to meet. I considered it an occupational hazard.
    Michael in Texas

  121. Airline Pilot – Freight

    Pros – I’ve been to countries a lot people haven’t even heard of and have experienced more culture shock than some travel writers. Your job, when everything goes right, is flying a giant toy around.

    Cons – I was away from home (out of the country) for 26 days last month. At MOST we get 10 at home a month. This is no way to be a part of a family. The vast majority of commercial airline pilot jobs are not family friendly, hence “AIDS” – Airline Induced Divorce Syndrome

  122. Principal – the hours are very long, and the pay sounds great until you balance the stress and it’s impact on a family. The only perk is vacation time around the holiday’s, but unfortunately you can’t enjoy it as you are constantly tasked with something else over those break periods. Pressure for public expectation along with my handlers at the central office makes even my best intentioned efforts our of sync with my family. Not worth the impact on my family.

  123. Foriegn Language Professor (Spanish, French, Italian, Classical languages, Japanese etc.)

    If you love languages and linguistics, and interested in studying abroad in your favorite country to learn a language, then teach, and want to get paid better than a high school teacher salary, then being a foreign language professor, especially in Spanish, French, Italian or Mandarin Chinese, you will be able to have a flexible schedule and office hours of your choice before or after class ( especially in community Colleges), and also have options of working as a summer or winter session teacher. I’d recommend this, for you can even teach your children a thing or two about the language and culture your degree is based on.

    -Salary: $68-290 (4 year Universities due to more safer enviornment, and high rate of employment profit sharing)
    $76,190-(Junior Colleges due to being public, and less employment of professors.

    If you want to work in a 4 year private university like UCLA, then you’ll need a Ph.D
    If you want to work in a flexible Junior College, then Master’s degree is the minimum requirement.

  124. Bread man. It’s not for everyone. I leave home around 4am but I’m normally back by 2 or 3pm. Depending on the route you make good money but physically exhausting. The boys love riding in the bread truck though and I try to plan little things in the afternoons when I get home. Whatever you do, leave it at work. Family and God are everything.

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