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To a Dad R&R Means…

When asked what R&R means to a dad here’s what you all said…

How about Rejuvenate and Re-engage? ~ Charlie, CT

wRestling & Re-Connecting ~ Tom, MN

As a father of 5 – too often this means Rant and Repent. ~ Dave

Restling & Rugburn
Restrooms & Reststops
Rants & Raving
Raunchy Road food
Reroutes & Ranting

I’m about to get in the car for a 990-mile roundtrip car-camping trip with my wife and four kids. So you know where those last four ideas came from.

I think I like “wRestling & Rugburn” best. ~ Jeffrey

re-boot and re-load ~ Mike, GA

Raise and Release ~ Tom

Well, you already know for dads it’s not typically rest/relaxation, so keepin’ with the “saddle up anyway” theme, maybe it’s ride and rescue. ~ Larry

Rounding Up and Reeling In ~ Ryan

Refined & Redeemed
Repented & Rejoicing
Revived & Rescued ~ Mike

That’s easy. R&R stands for “Real Rewarding” ~ Bryan

Responsibility and Respect ~ Cody, CA

Recliner & Remote ~ Keith, CT

Reflect and Recalibrate ~ Jeff, TX

Rarin’&Ready…to go that is… ~ Dwayne

Build your own:


Some examples:
Retrospect & Regret
Retired & Regular
Rolaids & Resuscitation

My favorite is:
Regroup & Refocus ~ Heath

Rant & Rave

Recover & Restart

Reorient & Restore

Remind & Reward

Recoil & Reload

Rinse & Repeat

Reevaluate & Recommit

Recognize & Repent

Reassess & Retaliate

Rock & Roll! ~ Martin, FL

1.) Rowdiness and Rejuvenation
2.) Roughing up and wRestling down
3.) Rest and Renewal
4.) Recess and Recreation
5.) Retreat and Restoration
6.) Rollicking and Reward ~ Scott

Refocus your mind & Renew your commitment ~ Glen

Rough & Rewarding ~ Jim

Man, this is timely for me! We’re a home-schooling family and take long vacations together each year. We just took an 18-day RV vacation recently; it was our first time in an RV and it was tougher than I was counting on. I know your family RV’s, so I know you can relate. I never wanted to be one of those wimpy dads who gives up on taking vacations because of all the kid-hassles along the way, but I was right there with them upon our return home. So the first thing I though of regarding R&R was “Repent and Re-engage.” I’ve repented for my whiny, selfish, woe-is-me attitude and have resolved to keep on vacationing, because, like you are always reminding us, it’s worth it. ~ Caleb

Recliner and Remote ~ James

Ranting and raving. 🙂
Rock & roll
Reliving & reminiscing
Raising & rearing ~Jeff

Restraint @ Rationalization ~ Gerald

Reset and Refocus ~ Will, CA

regroup and relapse ~ Steve

From a kid’s perspective, too often it is: Roaring & Rebuke

From a dad’s perspective it might be: Reaching (for the wallet) & Reacting (to unexpected circumstances)

For mom’s it might be: Remind & Repair

For all of us it ought to be: Repent & Rejuvenate ~ Paul

Two common attributes to family vacations – restless & Run Down ~ Mark, SC

Funny: Rain & Rigor Mortis
Seriously: Reconnect & Rediscover ~ John

Try restraint and rabble-rousing! ~ Tim

R&R: Repair and Replace
or on a more serious note… R&R: Relinquish Rights ~ Greg

Recliner & Remote control ~ David, IL

Recline and Remote ~ Kevin

I would say that it has to be Renewing Relationships,with God or your family ~ Alan

While YOU think of R & R in the traditional sense, your kids might think it should stand for Romping & Rough-housing !

One type of R & R you might find yourself caught up in is… Roaring & Racing: Roaring at your kids because you’re Racing around trying to get things done. If you find yourself in the middle of that kind, you should probably take a break for some of the first type (see above)!

When your wife is buried under dirty laundry, dirty dishes, and dirty kids, she might need you AND the kids to help her out with a little R & R: Rev-up and Rally! Suggested Rallying Cry: “OK, everyone, let’s get to it and get all this housework junk done for Mom, so we can get to some fun-with-the-kids stuff!”

suggestions from a tired (but enthusiastic!) mom of 7 in upstate NY …

most often at our house R and R is wRestle and Read ~ Andrew

Regroup and Recover ~ William

Renovation & Restoration ~ John, MN

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  1. Repent and Rebirth -what all of us are called to do.
    Raise and Reflect -what I often do with my humble child-raising skills.
    Rich and Rewarding -what to remember with a large family 0f 9, homeschooling them, and God’s call upon our lives.
    Risk and Reap -what God calls us to do everyday.
    Responsible and Ready -what I want my children to be in this lost world.
    Read and Remember -what the word of God promises is faith, and to remember the great deeds that our Lord provides for His children every day.

  2. Was that me (Greg Parker in NM) up there? If so, I have no clue; however if you might recall (as I now can’t, but will when I meet Him I survived that rare brain disease 10 years ago. this one was wonderful. Thanks brother

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