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Daddy/Daughter Date Night Ideas

Hey Todd,

I love the resources, pep talks, encouragement and laughs here – not to mention the connection with other dads trying to do their best – God’s way. I’m looking for ideas for Daddy-Daughter date nights as well as Daddy-Son date nights too. I’ve been way too lax in spending one-on-one time with my daughter (almost 12) and my son (9). Thanks. You rock!

Let’s here it, Dad. Got a good idea…share it below.

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  1. For my daughter…
    In the past I have splurged once a year for “expensive” tickets. Get dressed up, go to dinner, then to the traveling show on ice or live theater or concert or Russian ballet etc.

    For my son…
    Overnight canoe trip: Put in Friday evening, camp overnight along the river somewhere and canoe home Saturday morning.

  2. Hey dad, ask her what she wants to do! Be aware you may end up shopping at the mall. I see your daughters is 12. The window of opportunity is closing fast. Very soon you will be an embarrassment. I know, I’m their with my 16yo. Another thing that works is to get involved in the things she is involved in. The drives to and from rehearsals / practices are priceless. If possible drive her to classes and stay if allowed. I’ve sat through many hour of violin lessons. Doing those things can mean more than any sort of special date night.

  3. We have a special traditional daddy date…this one has become sort of a “night out with daddy.”

    Before school starts each fall, I take the kids out for the evening. We go out to eat, then shop together for their school supplies. My wife loves the break.

  4. For several years, I have taken all my kids on a birthday date. I take the day off work and spend it with them doing what they want to do. They usually plan months in advance. My son likes frisbee golf or a trip to a BMX track. My daughters usually like to go shopping. I hold doors for them and show them how their future husband should treat them. The day usually includes lunch at a nice restaurant and ends up at home with a meal of their choice on special dishes followed by cake and ice cream.

  5. Drive in theatre at home: Get some cardboard boxes and paint them like your favorite car and sit in them while you watch a great movie like “ Cars”.
    We have done this at our Church with the younger kids and it was a blast.

  6. I totally remember my absolutely favorite Father Daughter Day was when my dad took me to a play downtown. It was actually by default because he and mom had season tickets, but she couldn’t go because she was ill. I got to go in her place. We had the very best time and I will ALWAYS remember it as my favorite time spent with my dad and I am 47 yrs. old now.

  7. I always enjoyed spending time with my daughter at a “pottery by you place” where you paint a piece of green clay (subtley talking all the time) while focusing on painting a piece of pottery that gets fired and you pick up later. Painting allows you to talk while not seeming to talk. Awesome way to connect without directly asking her to talk.

  8. I do a date once a month with each of my three. One gets the first saturday, etc. We usually just go get a snack and then off to a thrift store, or a drive around the lake to bird watch. We have an annual pass to the zoo and a local museum, so those also are on the destination list occassionally. Well worth the time. Thanks for all you do, Todd.

  9. My daughter turned 15 a few weeks ago and all she wanted for her birthday was to climb Pikes Peak (yes the mountain.). So we flew to Colorado on a Thursday night, hiked half way on Friday and hit the summit at noon on Saturday (her birthday!!!). It was hard, I still ache, but my daughter is 15 and still wants to spend time with her dad. I will climb a mountain for that.

  10. Hey Dad’s a great time with your daughter are those paint your own pottery places. Sometimes they have specials, but just go and pick something out together or share a project. It gives you time to talk and have fun together… Who knows you might even get a little paint on each other. Most of all give her an example of what love is like and what she needs to be looking for in a husband.

  11. Just last night I took one of my daughters to a minor league baseball game. The tickets are cheap, you can usually sit up close, and they have funky promotions that maintain interest even if your daughter’s not a baseball fan. The players signed autographs before the game and she even caught a baseball from the first baseman as he came into the dugout between innings. We both loved it!

  12. I took my five year old daughter to a professional soccer game hoping she would like all the action. Unfortunately there was not a lot of action and the crowd stood for the entire match so we really couldn’t see. However, she had a blast and loved it because it was just the two of us and no brother or sister. So it doesn’t really matter where you go, just go and take her with you.

  13. I like to take my 9 year old daughter to the baseball game. Besides, during batting practice, the players give more baseballs and autographs to girls. 🙂

  14. Dad’s: Take a look at the comments so far. Notice that some start with “I like..”. Since litle kids love spending time with us, its all too easy to spend time with them doing something we like. As they turn into teens, they won’t want to share that with you anymore. Make sure you do something they like, and it will last longer.

  15. i love the ideas i think going and getting things to build a fort in your backyard would be awesome and your daughter or son would like it

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  70. This is me ( a daughter ) speaking for myself! My favorite thing my dad and I did together for a date was a nutcracker ballet!!! Then we
    went to a pizza place and made our own! It was the most fun time ever!!!!!!!! The whole time we talked and he told me funny story’s of him as my age! LOL! I will never forget that night! ( VERY MEMBERABLE ) 10 yrs

  71. (from

    #1 Earn Stickers and Fix Leaky Faucets

    Create a list of about seven skills such as fixing a leaky faucet, changing a light bulb, checking the oil, stopping the toilet form running). Spend an afternoon teaching her the skills. Give her a sticker to put next to each item on the list as she masters the skill.

    #2 Cardboard Boxes

    Head to the back of a building that sells refrigerators and stoves and grab a few boxes. Go home and build a spaceship or a house or a castle or a secret hideout or a whole town together.

    #3 Phone Call, Flowers, and Dinner

    My dad used to do this with my sisters. He would call from work during the day and ask what they were doing this evening. After work he would show up, ring the door bell, and present a bouquet of flowers as they headed out for dinner. What a stellar dad.

    #4 Picnics at the Park
    Head to the park for a picnic and play on the playground together. Also, if it’s a warm day pack a small cooler with popsicles. If it’s chilly, pack a thermos of hot chocolate.

    # 5 Princess Tea Party
    At the dollar store, purchase bracelets, a tiara, necklaces, slippers, and a wand. Have a princess tea together. And yes, you should wear a tiara too. These are the things your daughter will remember in twenty years.

    #6 Women’s Sports
    Watch a high school girls’ basketball game or a women’s college lacrosse game, or a women’s professional soccer match.

    #7 Her Interest
    Let’s say your daughter loves otters. For your daddy daughter date, go the library or find articles online and read up on otters, head over to the zoo, and finally watch a movie about otters or with otters in it or do some type of craft making an otter’s mask.

    #8 Run Errands
    Have to run errands to the hardware store, the grocery store, etc.? Spend time together and run errands together.

    #9 Life Size Candy Land
    Put together a life size Candy Lane game around the house where you become the pieces. Use the normal game in terms of cards but use colored construction paper for the spaces.

    #10 Driving Lessons
    Find an empty parking lot, let her sit on her lap (you control the pedals), and teach her to drive. Teach her to use the blinkers, how to put the car in reverse, and where it tells you the total miles driven. Kids love learning about that kind of stuff.

    1. I love these! Very creative! I’m thinking about making a daddy/daughter date night book for my dad for Father’s Day and i was wondering if i could use these?


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