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The Familyman Best of Travel

Best Family Restaurant —

1. Cracker Barrel (make sure you each get a 10 cent candy stick and sit on the front porch after the meal)
2. Fazoli’s kids eat free night
3. Denny’s kids eat free night

4. Culver’s kid’s meals – where else can you geta  good meal, drink, and ice cream dessert? Ok, DQ does the same…but I like Culver’s better.

Best RV gas station — Flying J (everything the RVer needs: Cheap fuel, water, and a dump station) I’m also liking Loves Truck stop. They have it all too.

Best Travel song — Life is a Highway — Rascal Flatts/ On the Road again — Willie Nelsen

Best place to rent a video — Red Box (return anywhere). Netflix can be streamed right through the phone…into your TV.

Best breakfast foods — Krispy Kreme Factory & Panera Bread with their to-die-for Cinnamon Crunch Bagels (get the baker’s dozen)

Best Ice Cream — Stone Cold Creamery (pricey but oh, so good)

Best Wi-Fi — McD’s and Panera Bread

Best travel snack — Cherry Twizzlers (the kind you pull apart)

Best travel aid —
1. Low tech — Rand McNalley Road Atlas with Wal-Mart directory
2. Garmin GPS or our  Iphone

Best road side service — Good Sam’s Emergency Road side service plan, $90 for free towing — Indispensable

Best Road — The Father Road (I-65, I-24, 1-75 Chicago to Orldando), The Mother Road (Route 66), and the Uncle Ned Road (I-95)…I’m also liking I-10 from St. Augustine, FL all the way to Houston, TX….one more – Alligator alley (40) south Florida!!

Best Sweet Tea — MacAllister’s and Cracker Barrel

Best Rest Stop — Ohio Turnpike rest areas

Best Souvenir T-shirt — Moon Marble Company, Bonner Springs, KS (it glows in the dark)

Best History Area — Washington DC/ Gettysburg/Valley Forge area

Best Cheesy tourist spot — South of the Border, SC

Best Travel Game — License plate bingo…of course.

Best Family Travels Books — Kids Love Travel Books

Best Campground — Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World. No contest!

Got some bests? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. We did Gettysburg today (and yesterday!) – Very Cool!!!
    We haven’t stayed at a Cracker Barrell yet, but I will definitely have to try their sweet tea (became addicted in TX!).

    Best of travels – we too are loving rving with our family!!!

  2. Thanks for the sweet shout out about KIDS LOVE TRAVEL. New feature: because we add major updates to each book online, our books now really only cost about $4.00 a year to use! Everybody is trying to save money and time – esp. empowered travel moms and dads…

  3. Have to agree with your choice for cheesy tourist spot. Counting the signs would have made a fun family game,(they started in Florida I think.) We showed our appreciation by using the bathrooms and not buying anything.

  4. Hi Todd,

    Hope you have a great time on the road this season! Here are a couple of suggestions from our 18 years experience. Of course, these are from 5 year-old memories. We’ve been mostly flying to speaking engagements for a while now.

    FREE PLACES TO SPEND THE NIGHT—Flying J, Cracker Barrel, Wal-Mart, industrial areas, and subdivision under construction

    BEST SHOWERS—Flying J—They are clean, include towels and soap, unlimited water (especially nice after conserving water in the motor home), and free (if you fill up with gas often)! Get one for the guys and one for the gals.

    An even nicer shower is Danny’s Big Rig Resort in Phoenix, right across the street from Flying J. Lovely!

    Does anybody have favorite places in Alaska? We may return there this summer or maybe next.

    Have some great trips this summer!

    Bob and Tina Farewell

  5. Hello All,

    Best History Area – Hands down, has got to be Colonial Williamsburg, VA . . . they have amazing activities, tours, and programs of all sorts year round. Historic characters interact directly with guests, Craftsmen share their trade secrets and they even throw in an occasional parade and cannonade.

    As for Best Breakfast – In general, anyone I do not have to clean the dishes for. In specific, Bob Evans (we need some out here in California!)

    Best Way To Learn American History – By going out to see it, touch it, smell it and experience it . . . Yeah Homeschooling!!!

  6. Ahhh! Moon Marble Company is right down the road from us! Cool place, but, ironically, I don’t get the feeling that they actually LIKE children…maybe it’s just me.

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