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Familyman Spotlight – Rick Andreassen

Name: Coach Rick Andreassen

Age: 51

Home base: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tell me about the Saints: Christian Homeschool Athletic Association of Fla, “SAINTS” is a professional P.E. Program for Homeschool students

How’d you start the Saints: I was a Physical Ed. Teacher for 11 years at a Christian School in Florida and on Aug. 27, 1997 God spoke the words “Homeschool P.E.”. I stepped out in faith with myself and 2 volunteers and we had 18 children that 1st year. Now, 13 years later, we have 15 locations throughout FL. Reaching nearly 3,000 Homeschool Kids per week.

3 years ago we expanded to Austin, Texas (CHAA of Texas) and Las Vegas, Nevada (CHAA of Nevada).

Our prayer and goal is to create a safe-Godly environment where kids can be built up physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally through sports. God has duplicated this vision throughout 3 states (He’s sooo good).

Who is it available to? We facilitate activities for ages 5-18 years of age. We operate Monday through Friday from 9-4pm exclusively for Homeschool students. (We operate during school hours) We have an incredible team of coaches, all whom are “called by God” to work in this ministry. All coaches are screened and background checked and trained in First aid and CPR.

How do folks sign-up? Students sign up by coming to the facility with their parents and getting a free “trial” visit and hopefully the kids enjoy the activities, but more importantly, that the parents gain a sense of trust in the “heart” of the ministry and our prayer and goal is that the “Heart” of Saints would be the “Heartbeat of Jesus Himself”…our motto for Saints is “Where Jesus is Lord and Every Child is a Winner.”

Are you open to expanding in other areas of the country? Absolutely, if God opens doors to expand in other areas, we want to be faithful and obedient to walk through these doors.

How would a dad contact you if he was interested in hosting/ being apart of the Saints where he lives? Contact Info: or email me, at , 954-494-6812 Or Executive Director, Coach Kelly Nevius, email , 954-646-5903 Saints — CHAA is a 501 (c) 3 and for 13 years we have maintained a commitment that “no child is ever turned away” due to finances.

As you spend your days with children…how would you encourage dads…what do you see that we could be doing better? I would encourage Homeschool Dad to “Keep up the great work” and “to not become weary in well doing…for at the proper time they will reap the rewards.” (I am privileged to work with and see in action the lives of thousands of Homeschool Dads each week, throughout the year!) I think Homeschool Dads are Awesome! I think Homeshool Dads are true men of God, committed to their Lord, committed to their wives, and committed to their children. Dads, keep hugging your kids the way you do, keep praying for them (with them present), keep speaking the three most important things your kids need to hear from their Dads: “I love you,” “I’m proud of you”, and “I believe in you!”

Helpful Hints:

In sports: always remember to “Reward Effort” (your kids really want to please you and make you proud!)

Whether they kick the ball out of bounds or in the goal, “You’re proud of them,” #1 because they’re your kid and #2 because they’ve done their best!

(The Bible reminds us: “Fathers do not embitter your children for they will become discouraged) Use caution, Dads, I think this has the potential to happen most often on the athletic field.

Always let them know your love is “unconditional.”

And most of all Dads, I would remind you to “Enjoy your kids…they grow fast”. Enjoy every stage of their lives because how quickly they will grow (many fathers would say, “it’s in the blink of an eye, and they are grown”)

Again Dads, “Keep up the great work…well done good and faithful servant”. I pray you hear your Heavenly Father say to you, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”

Very Important:

While encouraging your wife and children, I believe it’s also important to encourage other dads…Todd Wilson has set a great example for us about encouraging one another with his simple yet profound catch phrase, “Keep up the great work…because…You Da Dad”!!!

An Interesting Footnote:

Coach Rick was elected to carry the “Olympic Torch” in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics to represent all the Homeschool Families throughout the United States (and the world)!!!

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  1. Our family has been so blessed by Coach Rick and the Saints program for the past 6 years. It has been a blessing to know him and his staff.

  2. Rick A. (and his entire staff!) is truly a remarkable gift to our Homeschool community here in South Florida. The positive reinforcement the children receive at Saints helps them to grow leaps and bounds both in their spiritual walk and in any team sports in which they participate. We are honored to know Coach Rick and so thankful for the dedication he and his entire staff have towards our kids. Thank you!

  3. PEC (Parents Educating Children) LOVES Coach Rick! He has made such an impact in the lives of our homschooling families in South Florida! You’re a blessing to us all, Rick. Thanks for honoring him, Todd.

  4. Coach Rick has made a wonderfully positive impact on my two youngest children (who are now adults) and my 10 year old grandson is wild about him! We thank God daily for Rick and his awesome ministry to homeschool families!

  5. Coach Rick has had a profound impact on all four of my children and is a shining light in this world. He is a wonderful blessing to all the lives that he comes in contact with.

  6. Coach Rick has been such a vital part of our children’s lives. My son is in his 12th year with SAINTS and my daughter is in her 6th. Once my daughter was telling me, “You know mom, if I had to describe Coach Rick to someone, I don’t even know the words I would use. He’s such a godly man.” We feel truly blessed and honored to know him and for him to have such an influence in our children’s life!!!

  7. Coach Rick (and all of the SAITNS coaches) is my son’s hero! What wonderful, shining roll models in a world that can be so “dark”. I thank God for Coach Rick and the SAINTS program. They are chinging the world for Christ!

  8. Coach Rick and the Saints have been a big part of our lives since our son was 5 and my daughter a soon to be saint. My son is 14 now and wants to be a coach with the Saints. They are always encouraging the children and give all the Glory to our Lord. Saints has been a staple in our curriculum.

  9. You rock Coach Rick!!! Thanks for helping me be a better example and assistant coach I can be. And thank you for your caring help and support. Especailly when I’m having a bad day, just seeing all the kids and coaches just brightens my day. We love you Coach Rick!! Thank you for everything!

  10. The day my daughter goes to Saints is her favorite day of the week. She loves Coach Rick and all the coaches there. We have been so incredibly blessed by Coach Rick and his ministry. He’s also great to work for.

  11. This is our first year homeschooling and I am so glad for Saints. My son loves going! Coach Rick is always smiling and truly loves what he does! All the coaches are great with the kids. May God bless them all!

  12. Coach Rick and the Saints program has been such a blessing to our family over the last 11 years. Most recently we were honored with Coach Rick as a guest for Thanksgiving so he could bring a little tennis and archery to our 3 yr old, Connor, who is battling brain cancer and had just recovered from a very debilitating flu. Coach Rick had him laughing and playing for over an hour. (We hadn’t heard him laugh in months.) Praise God for his heart of compassion and love for children! He is an amazing friend and role model for all of us. May God bless him richly for all that he does for the children and for the parents.

  13. This is my 6 yr old daughter’s first year with SAINTS and I am so sorry we did not start last yr. She loves everyone and everything about it. Coach Rick has a passion like no other with his work and kids. We are blessed to know him. I heard him speak at our 1st HomeSchool meeting and he asked how many have been in SAINTS?
    (many hands went up) and how many would recommend it to others? Practically the whole room raised both hands!
    We Love you Coach Rick!!

  14. Coach rick is such a gift and a blessing to our family. He is a continuous encouragement to both us as homeschooling parents and our children (even our little Sophia who is still too young for the Saints program!) He touches the heart of every child that crosses his path, and constantly points them to the Lord and all that He has for their lives! Thank you to Coach Rick for your dedication, love, commitment and boundless ENTHUSIASM!!! We love you!

  15. We LOVE you, Coach Rick! You have been such an encouragement to us as a family & a friend! May our LORD continue to bless you & the Saint’s ministry!

  16. We have been blessed beyond our dreams with Saints. Our son looks forward to Saints every Thursday. God bless you Coach Rick and all the coaches!

  17. All of my children have attended SAINTS, currently only my son, and I can’t begin to tell you what blessing it is to our family. To have Godly male role models for our children is worth more than just about anything! Thank you Coach Rick for all you do! We ALL love you!

  18. Coach Rick is called by our Lord to do what he does. He blesses our family every week and my kids can’t wait to see him. Coach Rick, thanks for loving my kids and showing them how God works through you.

  19. Coach Rick is an amazing man of God. He cares so much for each and every child that passes his way. This is truly his purpose in life and I thank God that my boys get to learn sports with Coach Rick and his team.

  20. Nowhere in the world could we find finer people than Coach Rick and his dedicated, loving staff. Please try to find a little extra to donate to CHAA so they can extend what we have been blessed with to others!

  21. Thank you Coach Rick for being such a Godly example of what a true leader is. As I work behind the scenes of Saints I am constantly reminded of my value and worth by you and the kids as you continue to encourage and uplift every time we talk. I have never worked anywhere else where I was given so much encouragement and the ablility to give back so freely. Thank you for being faithful to the vision and the mission of thouching the lives of the children and their families! Jesus is glad you’re on His team!!!

  22. Our daughter, Issy Pita, age 8, loves SAINTS. She is heading to the Junior Olympics for “shot put” next week. Sports are an important part of childhood and Rick knows that. God Bless!

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