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Home Sweet Home!

Hey Dad,

Last time I posted we were in Newport News, VA waiting for my wife to finish the laundry. Well, she did finish it, but when I went to start the RV…nothing…nothing…nothing. Luckily we had our home with us so we spent the night in the parking lot. The next morning bright and early, I shimmied under the RV, smacked the tar out of the starter…and it started.

Not wanting to press my luck or God’s goodness, I drove it directly to a Cummins shop and spent the entire day parked in their lot while they replaced the starter. My kids and wife were real troopers because I know they would have rather spent the day at the beach looking at the ocean instead of sweating in the RV watching Lone Ranger videos.

Fast-play…we went back to the beach, played in the sand, walked an incredible distance to a restaurant on a pier, drove across a 17 mile bridge/tunnel, made a brief stop at Chincoteague, VA and finally landed at Sandy Cove Camp where I spoke for the week and my kids had the time of their life.

Now we’re home…and loving it.

For the last several days we’ve been sifting through the rubble trying to get our life back in order. Our landscape is overgrown, both our cars are running poorly, the mower needs a little attention, the RV needs to be unloaded and books restocked on the shelves, and we have to get the old Familyman Mobile ready to sell…again.

Overall it was a great trip, but it’s good to be home. I do want to thank you for praying for the Wilson family as we zig-zagged across America. God was so good to us, and we didn’t even have to use a tow truck at all. I believe that is because you prayed-thank you.

So let me close the books on the Familyman RV Adventure for 2008. Until next year, here are a few photos…

Keep your eye on your tail and swing wide,

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  1. Todd, I feel ‘refreshed’ reading your entry! We still have 3 more shows to go this year, but our attitudes are still high, trying to find the best moments and dealing with the ‘dross’…

    We’re leaving for 11 days on the road…back for 4 and then gone for 8 and then…maybe some ‘fishing’ time to refect in August and the fall. I love the photos! Hope you felt our prayers!

  2. By the way Todd, I just got to thinkin’…one of those pics is of a ‘sun rise’? 8 kids up and dressed before sunrise? No wonder you’re the official ‘familyman’!

  3. Glad to hear that you made it home Todd, it was good to hear that your last week at the camp went well, other then the starter issue, but we’ll over look that!:-)

    We’ll look forward to continuing to hear about your life and journey at home and hope that you know that our prayers have not stopped. God Bless and enjoy the blessings.

  4. Todd, but how do you see a sunSET over the ocean at Virginia Beach…what am I missing? Doesn’t look like a inlet…still love the pics…looks like your Christmas card photo is done!

  5. Todd,
    Glad to hear that you made it home! It was great spending the week together at Sandy Cove. Thank you for sharing the wisdom that God has given you through your life experiences. Your family fit right in at Sandy Cove and I hope you’ll come and vacation with us there in the future! God Bless you!

  6. I love, love, love the “stair-step” pics! You can just hear the kids moaning…“Daaa-aaddd!” We do something similar…each yr for CHRISTmas the kids get new jammies and are allowed to open them on the 24th and we take a photo of them in the same pose, in front of the fireplace. Corny…but what great memories! Thank you for allowing us to come with you on your journey this summer. It has blessed my heart and encouraged me!

  7. Hoosierland welcomes you home! We’ll continue to pray for your family and ministry even when the RV is parked!

  8. Todd you and your family are a blessing. We really enjoyed hearing you at Sandy Cove and hope our paths cross again. Keep up the good work and I pray God’s blessing for you and your ministry.

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